Top Five Things to Do in Coventry

Coventry is one of the top cities that are expected to become UK City of Culture in the year 2021. The place has a lot of things to do and see. If you have never been to Coventry, you should plan a trip at the earliest. There are amazing and beautiful Coventry escorts who are incredibly fun loving and have an intrinsic eye for fashion. They can accompany you to these amazing places and also keep you on the toe with their flirtatious nature.

The top five things that you should do while you are in and around Coventry are enumerated below –

Climbing the Cathedral Tower

The cathedral tower in the town of Coventry has a history associated with, and we all know that very well. We also know about the devastation poured down upon it by the Luftwaffe at the time of the Second World War. At the same time, the stunning spire of the St Michael’s is quite strong and good now same as it was before. You can go for climbing the 295 feet tower to enjoy to the fullest and at the same time enjoy the stunning views of the town of Coventry.

Wellesbourne Market

If you are in or around the town of Coventry, then visiting the Wellesbourne market would be one of the best things to do. If you love to go for marketing and have a little spare cash, then it would be a perfect decision to go to the city centre and get your picks where you get a chance to breathe fresh air along with getting some of the best bargains. Moreover, the market is exceptionally famous because you get almost everything here.

Coventry Moto Fest

Going for the Coventry Moto Fest would genuinely turn out to be an amazing day out and is counted among one of the best things to do in Coventry. There are some incredible artists, simulators, motorbikes, stunts, etc. is more than enough to make your day.

Coventry Watch Museum

Coventry watch museum is a hidden little gem in Spon Street charts the watchmaking industry of the city, and the first watchmaking was recorded here in Coventry in the year 1680 making it a must visit in Coventry.

Having a Meal in the Sunshine at the Greyhound

The Greyhound is one of the best pubs to visit in Coventry and along with the variety of drinks you can have a significant meal as well. Thus, you should not miss it by any chance.

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Northampton – Top Reasons to Visit

Northampton is one of the popular weekend gateways for many people. But, many people are not lucky enough to find a companion to visit the beautiful place. But, you too can find the right girl for your trip to Northampton. You can book one of our VIP escorts that are great companions while you are here. It doesn’t matter if you are shy; they know their ways around the town as well as your shyness to give you the best time. If you are ready to meet a sexy, fun and exciting female companion for different occasions, we make that happen for you.
There are many good reasons why you should visit the town of England’s East Midlands region of Northampton are as enumerated below.

  • Linkage of Historical Characters

Two of the historical characters have a good connection with this particular area namely, George Bernard Shaw and Francis Crick. These two characters are seen to be strolling about and waving to the people of Northampton from a ghostly balcony of the previously known Peacock Hotel, and all of this is cleverly projected on the large windows of the current day’s Peacock Place Shopping Centre.

  • The Countryside Escapes

The town of Northampton is full of countryside walks which are far from the hustle bustle of the main town. There is a number of countryside escapes where you can relax in peace which would make you feel that you are at a considerable distance from the urban life. You can find a lot of parks in the countryside where you can be at ease. The top ones are the Brixworth Country Park, Sywell Country Park, and Stanwick Lakes which are extremely popular.

  • Retreats

There are a lot of impressive buildings of historical importance which are the showcases of the brilliant architectural history which are quite impressive. There are a lot of impressive buildings like the Castle Ashby which are the major sources of attraction. A number of manor houses and the stately homes have spas or afternoon tea experiences which attracts a large number of visitors. The Fawsley Hall and the Sedgebrook Hall are among the popular choices of the people.

  • Sports

Northampton is the home to some of the most iconic sports, venues and teams which includes Silverstone, the home of British motorsports and the rugby team of Saints. Sports are a great attraction for Northampton, and especially the sports lovers are just a big fan of the town.

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How to get the most out of your booking with London escorts

Welcome to our guide of how to get the most out of your next booking with London escorts. After having a quick read through our guide, you will have a greater understanding of how you can enjoy your experience even more when in the company of an escort in London. As incredible as the experience is being in the company of a London escort there are some things which are well worth knowing before you make your first booking.

Whether it’s your first time making a booking or you book often, with the helpful information below you will be able to go into your next booking confident with a couple of things you may have not known before, all so you can get the most out of your next meeting with a London escort.

The first step we recommend to getting best from your experience with a London escort is to book from somewhere with good information about their girls. Whether you are making a one hour or overnight booking it is good to have as much information on your chosen girl as possible. Most if not all agencies have some information about their girls on top of their photos. Basic information such as the girl’s age, hair colour, dress size and rates can be found on her profile but we recommend booking from agencies who go further than providing the basic information.

Choose London’s Best Escort Providers

When dealing with some of the top escort providers in London such as Megan’s Models you will find all girls have a highly detailed bio/about me of the girl which is best describes not only the girls appearance but her personality and what she likes to do too. This gives you a brilliant understanding of what the girl is like before you even meet her giving you some things you can expect, one thing Megan’s Models do very well is exceed all expectations and provide a sensational service as they are home to many of the best model escorts in London.

After deciding on who you wish to spend your evening with another step worth thinking about is what do you want from your booking? Of course this depends on the lady you have booked, if you have booked an outgoing party girl try an exciting outcall booking in one of London’s late night clubs. On the other hand if you have booked a lady for a less outgoing occasion, perhaps after long hours of travelling or simply a short escape you could try an incall booking wherever you are staying in the capital city.

Megan’s Models have a wide variety of beautiful London escorts for you to choose from, each unique in their own ways makes each of the girls ideal for all kind of occasions. One of the best things you can do to get the most out of your booking with London escorts is to visit somewhere you will enjoy, escorts are incredible characters who fit into absolutely every situation which is one of the biggest reasons why they are so popular.

The final step we have for you is to take your time, get comfortable and let your chosen escort in London do what she does best. You will be very well taken care of when dealing with any of the top escort agencies in London, especially Megan’s Models who really do care for their clients. We hope you will be able to get the most out of your next London escort booking by keeping in mind our helpful tips for punters in London.

The Best Entertainment in Kent

Sevenoaks town centre

Kent is a beautiful areas surrounding of a gorgeous countryside this is not too far from London but this beautiful part of England is not as quiet as many people thing, in here you will a great time and many venues of entertainment from restaurant to events, parties to nightclubs, there are always something to do, even when you just take a walk you will find yourself walking thought beautiful gardens and passing by amazing houses, that is what you can get once you get to Kent.

From a large selection of places to go here are some of the best and some that usually tourists like the most.

Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to have a good time in London and for you to have get in direct touch with the wild life especially if you take your camera you will be able to get some amazing shots.

Lower Leas Coastal Park in Folkestone

This is a beautiful park and the reason why this area is considered the gardens of England, in this park you will find a wide diversity of plants, great place for a good time out with the family especially in the summer you won’t find better place to be.

Dover Castle in Dover

This is beautiful castle in the heist point in dover that you can visit they nave preserve many of the original things so people can understand and have a good idea how life used to be back in time, also you will be expose to an amazing view for all the land surrounding this palace.

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Top 5 London Escort Agencies

London city, an exceptional place for London Escorts on a night out. The great city is such a large place with so much to offer and it can prove difficult with all the options to choose from, the purpose of this article is to locate and pinpoint the Top Escort Agencies in London and highlight their best features for adult entertainment and give you a definitive guide for when it comes too booking escorts.

Eros Escorts:

This agency is very new to the industry and they are only just getting their feet on the ground but surprisingly it has caught the eye of many and getting a lot of attention from the punters! Eros Escorts has a wild selection of young, sexy and busty ladies for your personal and discreet entertainment with ladies from all over the globe so there is plenty of choice when it comes to picking out that perfect lady to spend a night with, you can get in contact with the agency either by email or ringing 07393833382

Movida Escorts:


Movida Escorts features many services making it a perfect choice for adult entertainment in the London nightlife, they advertise that they display no fake images on their site ensuring visitors that you won’t be disappointed in your choice of London Escort. Their main feature is they offer a duo service and they display this very well on their site, catering to a niche that may not be fully filled. All their London escort profiles contain many different images of the escorts making sure the customer know who they’re booking and they also display all the important information such as their location and rates furthering customer satisfaction.

AJ London Escorts:


AJ London Escorts is a great choice of agency for all your adult needs, their services offer a wide range of London escorts aimed at suiting anyone’s particular preference when it comes to escorts. The website features many different categories allowing visitors to browse through all the different type of London escorts with ease, their site also contains an ‘Available Girls’ section showing to visitors who is available preventing any confusion with booking an appointment. Their reviews, news section and blog allows transparency for their visitor to see exactly what is going on at the agency, making this one of the best escort agencies in London.

Crush Escorts:

Crush Escorts, ranked as the number two agency on Google for the key term “London escorts”.  They have a very prestigious reputation of providing the city with a variety of London Escorts will definitely make a great contribution to your night out of adult entertainment. Their main feature is to offer the most varying and unique London escorts across London such as blondes, brunettes, busty and mature escorts making your experience a dream come true and they also cater to clientele in and around the city. They also have a primary focus on bringing the best services in London to your gents and we can assure you this agency is professional, discreet and genuine.

Supreme Angels:

Supreme Angels, showcasing one of the UK’s largest selection of elite escorts is one of the most famous London escort agencies around. They offer a wide assortment of ladies across the capital and it is estimated at over 150 Escorts, they feature a Top London Escort category allowing visitors to see the best of what they can offer also they feature a search by price section for the customers on a budget. For the most valued clients they offer a VIP membership giving them special benefits such as access to exclusive VIP images and videos of the escorts, notifications of new updates of the escorts and special VIP offers on their website and with their partner websites and venues across the city of London making this agency a very important place for adult entertainment.

Interesting Facts About Nottingham

Nottingham is a great place to be, a well-known city, most because of the famous story of the Robin Hood, but is also home for one of the most prestigious universities in England, especially between the Erasmus students. However, in this blog, we will bring you some of the best and most interesting facts about Nottingham. As you expect Nottinghamshire in which is the county where Nottingham is situated, is full of historic places and locations in which is connected to Robin Hood story.

So in Laxton, which is a village in Nottingham the medieval type of farming with open fields and, yes, very organic products.

One of the Europe biggest antique markets is situated near the town of Newark in Nottinghamshire County.

Nottingham is also a very important city in England and UK, in which is even recognize by the parliament has one of the eight core cities.

In 1900s Nottingham was the world leading producer of lace, one-third of the world lace was made in Nottingham.

Nottingham was also blessed in engineering ideas where a man called Thomas Hawksley from the Nottingham waterworks company has developed a high-pressure water supply.

Here is Nottingham some big companies that now are well known in uk and some overseas like Boots, HP, they had their roots in Nottingham.

So Nottingham is a place that you can have loads of fun, from places to visit to activities, that you can do, here in Nottingham is the place that you might which to visit, so regal escorts, which is an entertainment agency also wants to bring to this beautiful city the best entertainment for your evenings, with a very restricted selection of amazing ladies you can meet, they hope to add great moments to you free and entertaining time in with great Nottingham models.


Choosing the Right Escort Agency

Choosing the Right Escort Agency.


If you do find that from time to time you would like a companion for the evening then you might consider booking an escort to spend some time with you. You can usually book London escorts 24/7 meaning they are available at a time that best suits you, making for a very useful and convenient service, especially at Palace VIP. Whether you are hoping to meet at your hotel or another location, agencies arrange the appointment for you so you have to do nothing other than make a quick call, but which agency should you choose? It is important to find a good agency to help make sure that both you and your companion have an enjoyable evening together.

It can be difficult to know how to choose the right agency for you though, and it can be a case of trial and error before you find one that you feel comfortable with. Look out for some signs when you do make bookings though and you could end up finding just the right agency for you sooner rather than later. Once you do find the right agency, you will have the confidence that an enjoyable evening in good company is just around the corner.

Meeting Your Requirements.

What we like in a companion is very much down to personal taste, and people generally come with very different tastes in appearances and personalities. A good agency should try to match you with an escort that fits your personality well and, of course, one that you find pleasing on the eye. Failure to make the right match could lead to a clash in personalities and a potentially disastrous evening which is not good for anybody involved. Get the right match and you could be in for an evening that you will never forget.

If the agency that you use seems to make little to no effort in selecting the right escort for you, then it is probably a good idea to look elsewhere. There are plenty that will make the effort so you had might as well look for a service that will help to ensure that both you and the escort have a more enjoyable time together.

Professional and Organised.

Does the agency sound as though they are organised when you call them? Do the escorts turn up on time prepared for the evening? Using an unorganised agency could lead to your evening being wasted so it is best to use one that you have confidence in. Most agencies will know what they are doing and how to deliver on their promises so if you do find one that you feel is not up to your standards, then you can simply look elsewhere.

Try to remember also that the escorts themselves are people and that they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, some agencies out there don’t give such respect to their escorts and if you do suspect that this is the case, it would be better to look elsewhere so as not to support their business. Most agencies do take the best possible care of their escorts though and it is better to use these agencies to help encourage better working conditions for escorts in general.

Events to visit with a high class London escort this summer!

The summer has come crashing in this year with sweltering heat, clear skies and a multitude of exhilarating events to get your teeth stuck in to throughout London. Although you may find it difficult to get somebody to go with you to some of them, don’t let this stop you from doing what you want! Booking an escort in London this summer is a better idea than ever due to the vast array of brilliant high class events that you can visit with your companion. So why not show off your impeccable taste by booking a beautiful high class escort with Deluxe VIP Models that truly looks the part no matter where she goes.

Royal Ascot

What event screams high class more than horse racing at the Royal Ascot? This year the dress code will be stepped up a notch ensuring that everybody looks the part for this glamorous event. This is a popular event to bring a London escort to due to the exciting atmosphere, the fact that it’s an important event and also because you are able to impress your peers with a gorgeous high class companion.

Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Although the public ballot is now closed to buy tickets for this event, customers are still able to queue up on the day (be there early!) and buy tickets from the venue. This tennis championship is a world renowned event that attracts the best players throughout the world and is definitely something you don’t want to miss. A date to the tennis championships with a high class escort will definitely be both romantic and exciting; with strawberries and cream, celebrities abundant and sunny skies, this will be an event that you don’t want to miss.

BBC Proms

This year at The Royal Albert Hall the BBC Proms will be featuring more than 90 concerts throughout the space of eight weeks! Once you purchase a ticket you cannot resell it so make sure that you’re definitely able to go! If you are this could be a wonderful event to take a high class companion.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

If you’re a petrol-head and love the sound of a gorgeous engine, top F1 drivers and incredible cars then this is definitely the event for you. This is a high society event well known for the appearance of lots of high profile figures and top end cars, so what better place to bring a companion?

Decanter World Award Wines

If you think of yourself as somewhat a sommelier (wine steward) then why not taste some of the world’s most incredible wines at Decanter this year where you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds. This event is popular amongst the high class population due to the sophisticated connotations attached with wine, so why not see how good you and your companions taste is this summer?

Masterpiece London

Now I think I just saved the best until last, this event showcases some of the most incredible pieces of art from around the globe. Tens of thousands of people will visit every year and this gallery includes a great mixture of art, antiques and design from the past 5000 years! This truly is one of the most glamorous art fairs available. Here visitors are able to buy from of the best art pieces created by the hand of man and in such, makes for a wonderful visit for any high class gentleman with a gorgeous and sophisticated high class escort.

Booking an Elite London Escort

Regardless of what you choose to do this year or where you choose to visit whilst romanticising your high class escort, it will be imperative that you bring along the right companion. When booking a high class companion it can be difficult to find a great agency, personally I’d suggest Deluxe VIP Models ( as this agency is both reputable and boasts high reviews frequently. The girls at this agency are first class and their services are exceptional. Very rarely am I able to say that an agency to this standard recruits the best escorts London has to offer but today I can, because it’s so true. These girls are elegant, highly educated, sophisticated and absolutely gorgeous which ensures that you’ll be in good company no matter where you go.

Yoga Poses for Tantric Massage

There is a wide misconception when it comes to tantric massages from London Tantric. Many people associate them with simple sexual encounters.  And yes, there is a lot of sensuality involved in tantric massages but a reputable place would never offer sexual services to a client. Unbeknown to most, tantric massages are actually a form of meditation that stems from the practice of yoga. This means that the purpose and utmost goal of tantric massages is inner enlighten. The sensual part of it is simply the way the art seeks to take someone merely from the physical plane to the inner one. Sensual yoga is actually still practiced today and doing it in conjunction with tantric massages can deeper your understanding of both arts. If you’re interested in trying one, both or are already a veteran and want to know a few simple exercises to do at home, here is a short list of some anyone with just a bit of fitness prowess can try:

Chair Pose

  1. Stand in Mountain pose: Let your arms rest at your sides, and lift your sternum. Bend your knees as much as you can and squeeze your inner thumbnail (1)thighs together and straighten your arms, lifting them above your head and stretching your fingertips as if pointing up at the sky.
  2. Emphasize the lift in your arms and chest so your upper spine is in a minor backbend. Tuck your pelvis. It is best to hold this pose for, at least, 10 breaths.

Camel Pose

  1. Kneeling, with your body straight, check your position, making sure your knees are right beneath your hips and curling your toes under. Pile your hips on top of your knees, your shoulders atop your hips, and your ears atop your shoulders.
  2. Put the palms of your hands on the small of your back, fingertips turned up. If that is not comfortable, your fingertips can face the floor.
  3. As you inhale, fill your chest and feel your breastbone jaunt, moving your ribcage up and off your waist.
  4. Then continue to lift your upper back up and over an imaginary ball behind you until you begin to reach one hand and then the other toward your heels. You should arrive in your deepest arch only in your upper back when both hands rest comfortably on your heels or props.
  5. Take five full, whole breaths, letting your head drop back; if that stresses your neck, tuck your chin and relax your face muscles.
  6. To come back up, bring both hands to your low back, and on one inhale use your core to lift your body until it is erect. Move into child’s pose for five breaths to counter this backbend.


Wash Away your Stress with a Massage In London


Deep within London is a tantric massage agency that provides clients with the most outstanding massage services in England. Posh Tantric offers exceptional services to discerning gentleman and couples within the London area and these masseurs truly are divine. The variety of services they offer are as sensual as they are erotic, and when you are being massaged by one of our stunning tantric masseurs you will forget about everything else and be immersed within your deepest sexual desires.

This London tantric massage agency aims to fulfil clients most erotic fantasies by providing them with a state of complete satisfaction, to do this they offer services such as the Aqua massage, Couples massage, Tantric massage, Nuru massage, Bath ritual, Body to Body and Prostate massage. All of the above services are incredibly enticing and the standard of masseurs that deliver them are very highly skilled and beautiful beyond all measure. When choosing your massage ensure that you think about your desires and personal sexuality, be open to yourself and let yourself be taken away by the exotic services that are available to you.

Image result for tantric massage Image result for tantric massage

Tantric massage offers the perfect combination of relaxation and romance, you will instantly start to develop a high level of intimacy with your beautiful masseur as she touches you, and starts to writhe with her wet body across yours. There is nothing more fun than being so close to such an attractive woman, especially when she starts to wash your body and you are both wet. The benefits of tantric massage are vast and scientifically proven, you are likely to have reduced blood pressure, increased circulation, relief from muscle/joint pain and best of all a heightened sense of well-being and relaxation.

It is easy to get caught up in day to day life and carried away by responsibilities, never giving yourself a break or space to have a breather. It’s important to let yourself relax, physically, emotionally and sexually; this is why a Posh Tantric Massage can be a lifesaver to hard working people, whether your sexuality has been suffering or you’re looking to step it up a notch a tantric massage is what every man needs to let go of that built up stress. These London tantric masseurs use scented oils to really set the atmosphere and when you start to calm down and focus on the beautiful masseur’s fingertips sliding down your body it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment and truly release your inner self.
When looking for a tantric massage in London, no other agency truly has the right balance between the standard of masseurs, the cost of the service and the high-level of intimacy that is developed through the first-class massages that Posh Tantric London provide. This company has a variety of beautiful women to choose from, each of them highly trained, extremely sexy and devoted to your satisfaction. The masseurs at Posh Tantric London will caress both your body and your inner soul to a state of transcending bliss making every moment you spend with them as rewarding as it is enlightening. Your body, mind and soul will feel transformed after an evening with one of these intoxicatingly sensual masseurs and you’ll wish that you could spend each and every moment in their warm embrace.


Of course, if you’re someone who’s already had the amazing chance to experience a tantric massage then why not try one of the many other breathtaking sensual massages Posh Tantric have to offer. Here’s a list of just a handful of the different erotic massages offered by this well-established parlour:

Body to Body

In terms of intimacy, nothing comes close to the sensuality you will experience with one of our masseuses when enjoying a Body to Body massage. This is a massage recommended for those looking to explore their deepest desires. Simply imagine a room beautifully lit with candles placed throughout the room. In the centre, a huge queen sized bed for all the comfort you can ever want, and of course last but not least we have your chosen masseuse; a stunning young babe who presence is simply enough to begin the blissful sensuality of the experience that follows.

Image result for body to body massageImage result for body to body massage

Bath Ritual

Prior to a full massage, you may wish for a little taste to give you an idea of just how special the time you spend with your masseuse is. Our girls like to ensure that you’re completely relaxed with absolutely no tension. This is, in fact, a similar treatment received by the likes of professional athletes prior to a sporting event. With a bath filled sea salts, soap and an assortment of aromatic oils the atmosphere will be filled with an aroma of unmatched relaxation. Once the ritual begins you will quickly start to fill the benefits of a well-trained masseuse as their hands travel all over your body in order to excite your every sense and prepare you for the breathtaking service that follows.

Image result for bath ritual massageImage result for bath ritual massage

Couples Massage

This is great for those of you looking for a different experience with your partner or perhaps for those of you who are looking to reignite the passion that brought you and lover together. With life being stressful for individuals, it may be difficult to find time to enjoy satisfying each other. Couples massages give you the chance to indulge and share a level of enjoyment more than you may ever have before. By sexually exploring each other with one of our therapists as a guide you can leave with the everlasting effect of your sexual conscience being revived.

Image result for couples erotic massageImage result for couples erotic massage

All you have to do to book such an experience is simply give us a call today!