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Here on the Dogz Bollocks we like to bring you all the best things in their respective fields, be it technology sport, entertainment or just about anything that is the dogs bollocks. So when we look at the escort industry and see what everyone is booking and why we see a very notable trend, especially in London.

We have seen a very obvious increase in the popularity of Asian escorts London and are now the most popular option amongst the British punters. But within the category of Asian escorts one subcategory has proved even more popular and is something that we have only recently seen in our culture and that’s shemale escorts London.

Yes believe it or not the immense popularity and increased demand for shemale escorts London is undeniable and read into how you will although when something is that popular it’s never for no reason. For those shocked and surprised by this news, let me give you a brief description about them and who is booking them.

The common misconception is that of a bloke in a wig meeting someone in a darkened alley with the recipient either being gay or a strange character, this is totally and utterly false, as we’ll go onto explain.

If you’ve ever seen the famous ladyboys of Bangkok then you’ll know how beautiful and convincing they are as a genuine woman. If you’ve never seen the show visit this shemale gallery and see for yourself. So this totally rules out the theory of people who book shemales are gay, how can they be when they are so convincing in their looks and mannerisms of being a genuine female.

You would find that most people who book shemale and ts escorts London are completely straight and you would never guess that they would be into such things. One thing that men find greatly appealing is that because they are male themselves, they know how to treat a man like no woman can.

So the moral of the story is to not to knock it until you’ve tried it. Its quite a new and largely misunderstood industry although it is continuing to grow each day. It won’t be long until we reach a state of acceptance and those who like shemales will finally come forward.

Wasn’t it about time you saw what all the fuss was about and booked a shemale escort London, even if you just enjoy each others company, I’m sure you’ll find it a very enjoyable experience.

Sunderland vs Chelsea

I was out with some of my friends last night as we were watching the Capital One cup match between Sunderland and Chelsea. It had been coming for a long time but Chelsea‘s finishing finally cost them and they are now out of the League Cup. This may have a positive effect on the league form though as luckily it has not cost the team any points just a position in the third ranking competition in England.

The match started well enough with Chelsea taking the lead. They held the one – nil lead comfortably for a long period of the match but the same old story seemed to be unfolding.Of 17 chances that Chelsea managed to create only one was converted and even that one relied on the goal line technology that was used for the first ever time in the competition.

Credit must go to Sunderland though. They are lying at the bottom of the table in the premier league and managed to hold off against the title contenders until Fabio Borini equalised late on in the game. From this moment forward Sunderland seemed to have the wind in their sails and were playing a much better attacking game. It nearly seemed inevitable that Chelsea would concede again, recent form said that Chelsea would struggle to score and would probably give away another goal.

Sunderland kept pressing and got their reward in the middle of extra time. A goal from Ki in much the same way as Chelsea were beaten at Stoke put the final nail in the coffin. It was a disappointing result but as stated previously, much better to have happened in the cup than to have lost ground in the league. We are sure that Mourinho and his staff will have a full enquiry into the loss and Arsenal will have to face a formidable force on Monday.

Tara Reid

Reports have been going around the the once very glamorous blonde American film star Tara Reid is on a terrible crash course and is looking at a horrible disaster.

Tara was photographed last month on Miami beach looking far, far too thin, it is said that she is keeping so slim by filling up with diet Coke and fizzy water, in a way bloating herself out and killing the hunger pains. Tara is also said to be a very heavy smoker, it has always been rumored that smoking helps weight loss, this of course has never be prove and is very very unhealthy and not recommend to anyone.

It has been reported that one day she will only eat a small meal and then just drink bottle after of coke topped up with fizzy water then the next day eat one large pizza after the other, currently Tara is reported to be a tink UK size six so far way from the busty, sexy blonde that we all knew and loved in Films like American Pie and Body shots – which were firm favorites of mine before I started working at hot sexy London  Escorts.

Tara is only 38 years old but has been under the surgeon’s knife many times already, with some terrible results. She has had boobs jobs, which did not go right, and left her breasts out of shape and a tummy tuck which went completely wrong, all this at a time when the young starlet should be enjoying her fame. It is reported that every couple of months Tara is back in the doctors office having Botox and fillers put in her face to fight the signs of aging, something that is having the complete reverse effect. It is a shame that this once beautiful blonde has not looked after herself and that time has really been unfair to her.

When you see Tara now she is a far cry from the beautiful lady who appeared in films such as Body Shots, the escapades in this was enough to make any one blush, even some of the escort lady’s that I know where shocked at what Tara’s character got up to but you could not say that she did not look her best.

Lets all hope that she gets herself sorted out and that one day she looks nearly as healthy as she did back then

Tips to make a great website


In nowadays with the advance of internet is much easier to build a website and make a web design without much effort or even thinking much about it but if you are looking for a business perspective that are a few things that you will have to consider and to put in practice and here are some good tips in how to get more of your website.

One of the most important thing is put a good and solid plan together and things like what kind of website you want and in what industry you want to fit, it plays a large part into the outcome of the web design because if you want a website to do good you will have to compare yourself to the other website that you are ranking.

The first tip is have a look at the competitor website how is built and how professional it looks. If is a blog you might as well just grab a free blog website and make your own web design and work from them, but still things that you have to keep in mind.WordPress-Fluency-Admin

If you want to your website look professional you should use a costume design and put loads of time doing a great logo, it represents you website, then works the photography, make beautiful and catching pictures and that will grab everyone’s attentions from the first moment that they enter your site. Also make very noticeable what your website is about and probably you want to make a most interesting article as features in your website that means closer to the header where new users can easily notice.

The last tip is on your posts use text but don’t forget people look first at headlines and pictures or videos, if they are interested then they will read the content so display the content in a simple way and looks nice.

If you follow some of these tips you are half way to be spot on for the web design for your website.slide

Check Your fave Escorts With £79 Tablet


Shopping all over UK has been getting expensive and that had make that budgets like Aldi and Lydl has been gathering more and more popularity and clients so they are making news headlines much often and with food, electronics drinks and even diverse household goods that you can get for a great price but this week all over uk specially in London, Aldi made the headlines with the entering of the tablet market, today Monday 09/12/2013 Aldi will sell they budget version of iPad and superstores all over UK will be full of buyers to most to make that as a nice Christmas present.

So from today Aldi has Medium Lifetab E7316 tablets. It will sell for £79 and it has quiet good speaks under the hood, it’s one of its kind and cheap like only Aldi can offer, so for that price you will get an 7 inch screen with a resolution 1024 x 600 pixels with 2.0 mega pixels camera but under the hood you have a 1.6GHz quad-core processor with an internal 8 GB store and with 1GB memory ram plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity there is nothing most you could ask to access internet for only 79 pounds tablet.

article-0-19F5391400000578-587_634x412So each day is getting easier and easier to access internet and internet business is also growing that’s with companies like that operates totally thought internet that’s great news. That means that they are able to reach more clientele and to get more business too.

So don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get a quite fast and very useful 7 inch tablet for the amazing price of £79 in your local Aldi Store which is perfect for a great Christmas gift. For more information get to Aldi website or go directly to your local store.