255th Anniversary of the British Museum

Today is the 225th anniversary of the world famous and prestigious British Museum, which was today celebrated with a much coveted Google doodle. In this post we’ll have a brief look at how the museum was founded right through to today, with some of the most memorable exhibitions and scientific findings being made available to the public. The British Museum on Great Russel streat is one of the Uks most valuable establishments and was founded in 1753 by scientist sir Hans Sloane who dedicated all of his rare and curious collections to then King George II. At first the museum housed over 40,000 printed books and 7000 manuscripts making it the greatest resource of information in the world at the time. This was then joined by the Cottonian Library and Harleian library before being joined by the royal library. These libraries would later be separated and from the British Museum and National gallery.

Before we look ate some of the most notable inclusions within the museum, past and present, we’ll fist look at the popularity of the museum. The establishment of the British museum, may not seem like such a big deal today, but at the time it is one of the most fantastic things to happen to the British public. Acess to previously unattainable knowledge was there for the first time and was their for anyone that seaked it. Science and culture wasn’t just something for the upper classes and the smart and could be seen and explained with hard evidence. In addition to all of this, it was also a place for a day out with the family or an Asian escort London.

Finally we move onto the main event, some of the notable and significant inclusions in the British museum of all time. We start at a current inclusion of the ancient mummy of Hornedjitef of Egypt. Hornedjitef is one of the British Museums permanent residents and was an renowned priest in the temple of Amun from 246-222 BC. You immediately get a shiver down the spine when you first see this exhibition with the immense amount of care and intricacy gone into the detail of the inner sarcophagus is outstanding and makes you appreciate of what high regard this man was once held.

One that is particularly popular amongst the Asian escorts in London, is Sir Percival David’s collection of rare and wonderful Chinese ceramics. Priceless pieces of artwork such as Ming Dynasty bowls have their own galleries as to fully appreciate their craftsmanship and importance. This exhibition attracts a lot of attention and is usually dominated by tourists and you will have to struggle to find a view over the Asian escorts and their cameras.

The last is a personal favourite of mine and one that is massively significant in the West’s struggle to understand and appreciate the wonders of the ancient past. However pieces of manuscript such as the Rosetta stone made the lives of scientists and archaeologists that much more interesting and fascinating. The giant Egyptian granodiorite from 196 BC was pivotal in today’s modern understanding of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. On the stone their a three pieces of text, with the top being ancient egyptian hieroglyphics, the second being an early Demotic script, and the final text being in ancient Greek. But because the texts were litteral translations with very little difference through each language, it proved the key to understanding part of the Ancient world. And with that we have our list of the most beautiful and significant inclusions the British museum has brought the world and we can find comfort in the fact that this fantastic institution will be around long after we have gone, and the fantastic gems of human history will continue to exist.

Top 5 restaurants in London

Here at Dogz Bollocks we like to look like past the ordinary and seek the extraordinary, by finding the best of the best in the respective fields. London happens to be blessed in an abundance of quality restaurants and has more Michelin star restaurants than the entire country combined. Although London also has abundance of extraordinarily ordinary restaurants, which make finding the hidden treasures somewhat of a difficult task. So that’s why we have decided to run a list of the finest restaurants in London, regardless of presentation, reputation and purely on merit, all by the people who know this particular are better than most Sirens elite London escorts.

Coming in at number 5 we have a restaurant based at one of London’s most well known and reputable hotels anywhere in the world, Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. Located in one of the most elegant and luxurious hotels in the heart of Mayfair, Park Lane W1K 1QA. In terms of Michelin stars awarded, Alain Ducasse is the most accoladed chef in the world with a staggering 15 more than Gordon Ramsay. This particular restaurants has earned 3 Michelin stars and understandably so, as our escorts in Kent found out. The food is very much classic French cuisine with modern techniques occasionally thrown in with the focus being on outstanding food and nothing else. Dish of the menu: Rib and saddle of Venison, pumpkin and cranberries.

At number 4 we have perhaps a surprise entry on the list and one of the few that isn’t traditional French cuisine and doesn’t hold a Michelin star. However that isn’t what this list is about, its about quality of food and nothing more, and our escorts in Kent have had nothing but rave reviews about this fantastic restaurant. Walking down Caledonian road an N1 1BA you’ll see a small Italian restaurant named Piccolo Olivo which specialises in giving authentic, fresh Italian cooking in the heart of London. You would be forgiven for walking past thinking it was a luchtime cafe however does not reflect this image. Its small, homely room adds to this family Italian restaurant and when dishes are surfacing like the amazing Spaghetti Vongole with fresh clams, white wine and garlic sauce with a touch of chilli is simply fantastic.

Number 3 welcomes one of the most well known chefs anywhere in the world and his landmark restaurant on Royal Hospital Road 68, Chelsea, restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Our elite London escorts were very cautious as the expectations were so high for this 3 Michelin star restaurant, that we though that it could never live up to the hype. How wrong we were! Extremely corwded and very expensive, but totally worth a visit on a special occasion. Signature dish would have to be the confit pork belly with roast langoustine, lapsang souchong broth with English Wasabi.

Number 2 and the first Oriental restaurant making it onto our list is the simply amazing Song Que in Haggerston. This Vietnamese beauty on Kingsland road is commonly packed with Vietnamese locals which is often a good indicator on the quality of the food. The food is always very extremely fresh, fragrant and flavoursome often on a plate full of vibrant attractive colours. Certainly not be missed with one of our beautiful escorts in Kent.

And finally we make it to the number 1 on our last and unfortunately if you were hoping for a shock winner your going to be bitterly disappointed. Yes the number 1 on our list is the world famous TV chef’s revolutionary restaurant fat duck by Heston Blumenthal in Maidenhead. With outrageous and intricate dishes combing cooking with chemistrey Heston has managed to make a menu that not only tastes amazing but makes a fantastic dining experience as well. As much as we all like an underdog, the fat dck runs out a clear winner and understandably so. Our escorts in south Londons’s favourite dish was the superb Mad Hatter Tea Party, mock turtle soup, pocket watch and toast sandwich. Why not enjoy any of these fantastic restaurants with one of Sirens beautiful and elegant elite London escorts.

£20,000 a night escort

Being a high class escort in London is rather rare and is a term which is often thrown around a lot by escort agencies and girls known as “independents”.  There are truely high class girls out there but, they are reserved for men who are in very high places and have serious amounts of cash to spunk on beautiful “courtesans” as they prefer to be referred as.  One lady knows a lot about this market of the sex industry becasue she was a part of it for years, often making £20,000 with one of her over night sessions. Yes, that is correct, some men in high places were willing to pay the kind of money that would take some people a full year to earn in one night.

She is Now 31 years old and wanting to give people an insight into the kind of things it takes to get that kind of money . For ten years this was her life and in that time she has made a hell of a lot of money. You would be looking at least into the tens of millions even if she worked only half as much as claimed. The Rich have an unspoken fascination with sex that is not strictly legal and that is where an escort would come in. The usual thought of an escort is that you would book her of the website for a couple of hundred pounds for 1 hour and that would be the full service.


The difference between a normal Asian escort and one that would meet a man who could certainly not afford to let the secret loose could be more appropriately referred to as a courtesan. The term “courtesan” automatically denotes a woman who is a mistress of a high ranking man but, for me it was just a little bit of a shock to see how much people were willing to pay for an evening of indulgence.

She describes the men who booked her as people of extreme wealth. People who are in serious places of power from politicians to royalty to people who own private islands. To meet people like this and make that kind of money you have to have developed a certain skill set to impress, Firstly Lauren (Pseudonym) can speak three different languages, England, Swedish and French. The client wants someone who is going to be able to have a well informed conversation with them so reading financial newspaper was something that needed to be done too.

Essentially the main reason them booking is to feel like they are dating a model and for everyone else to think this too. What the really cleaver escorts do is make sure they are showing that they are truly professional before hand so that they get the call in the first place.



Are we more willing to spend?

After Christmas is meant to be a time of people watching what they spend and struggling through until February comes around. This is true of many families who have splashed out on the festive period and are now having to tighten their belts to recoup some of the money that was spent throughout December. The new year brings about a many resolutions and all of these usually include not drinking and saving money.

I read in the paper just today about how Britain as a whole spent beyond their means and is now suffering the consequences for this. Rail fares are going up, the price of heating is increasing, so can we really afford to splash on one day of the year. It seems though that as the sales have come around that people are not as impoverished as the papers would have you believe.

The Trafford Centre in Manchester was a sea of people all looking for deals straight after Christmas and with further reductions coming now that we have hit January this seems to be encouragement enough for people to spend their hard-earned cash.

It always seems to be doom and gloom in the papers and we are being scared into not spending. This scaremongering is what is holding back the economy and now that people are breaking the constraints and going out and spending this could be the most simple solution to bringing the country out of debt. It sounds very naive to say this but surely the more products bought the more tax is paid and the chain reaction continues.

It is strange but many of the businesses that have suffered the least seem to be recreational. The leisure industry, hospitality and even the escort industry with companies like exclusive company manchester, seem to be going from strength to strength. The business is falling in the door quite literally in the case of some bars and nightclubs and people seem to be all the more willing to spend and spend big. One of the best signs that the country is recovering is that many companies invested, and invested big, in the company Christmas parties.