Modern Day London with Elite London escorts

London may not be the same financial and economic superpower it once was with almost all of its exporting goods and services being outsourced to countries like China and India. This on the other hand has in part lead London to become the most visited city in the world due to massive redevelopments in other sectors such as continual tourist facilities and fantastic evening and adult entertainment. One of the most significant increases in business sectors is the vast amount of London escort agencies that are being established each year and has lead to elite London escorts being the capitals major export.

London attracted over 30 Million tourists last year and while the cast majority came to see the iconic big Ben, the houses of parliament, the London eye etc. However London has become a place of much more than cultural significance and has a now attracted a whole new type of tourist of a much younger generation. Aside from a place of rich and diverse history, London has now become a very cool city and one that people want to visit. With numerous exciting after dark activities including visiting the bars and restaurants with the elite London escorts.

London, and England in general, has often had the reputation of being a place of typically poor food and low standards of restaurants. However over the past 20 years London has become a place of massively diverse range of cooking with cuisine coming from all over the world, be it Middle eastern European African and almost anywhere else you could possibly imagine. It has managed to attract world famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Alain Ducasse and Michel Roux all have Michelin star restaurants in London. There are some of the most high class and romantic restaurants in the world and many people are taking advantage of this with their elite London escorts.

Aside from the restaurants and the elite London escorts, London also boasts some of the best cocktails in the world, even if the weather doesn’t quite match up with the quality. If your looking for a really romantic location to enjoy the company of your elite London escorts then you have to visit the Beaufort Bar within the prestigious Savoy in Strand WC2R 0EU. In terms of styling and design it is in a league of its own and is quite possibly the coolest bar in the world. Imagine the glamorous combination of black and gold with dim lighting you could not ask for a more appropriate location to drink with your elite London escorts. The drinks aren’t bad either served in crystal glasses with an extensive list of fantastic cocktails and expensive champagnes.

If however you’re seeking a location where the focus is purely on the quality of drinks, and not necessarily the location of drinking, then you have to visit the pioneering London Cocktail Club on Goodge Street W1T 1TL. Head bartender Andy mill is officially the best bar tender in Great Britain and deservedly so, continually bringing our drinks like the cheese and pineapple Martini and oyster bomb. Although they are all absolutely delicious if you are your elite London escort aren’t felling confident enough there are also a number of classic on the menu such as Mojitos and Bellinis.

If you have the money to spend, there is a great choice of luxurious 5 star hotels in central London with a greater density than anywhere in the world. Cap off an unforgettable evening in one of the most exclusive cities with Sirens stunning elite London escorts.

Japanese Student Escorts

Here at Dogz Bollocks we always on the look out for the best in their respective fields. And when it comes to Asian escorts London the options and variety is vast, with an abundance of agencies all claiming to offer the best services. There is one agency, however that offers something totally unique and certainly in our point of view are singled out for all the right reasons. Booking Japanese escorts London can be quite a daunting experience, especially when you consider that the companion you book may not be the same one as is on the website. There is also the fear that you won’t be able to communicate through the language barrier, well this certainly isn’t the case with Asian Student escorts.

With this particular agency, you are offered a guarantee that all of the companions on the website are currently studying at university and therefore speak fluent English as well being highly intelligent. This ensures the knowledge that you will enjoy a date who shares an intellectual standard and is perfect for high class situations.

Japanese escorts London aren’t just smart, they’re also incredibly sexy as you can plainly see from their gallery. Their natural oriental beauty is so distinct from Western escorts and no less beautiful, in fact Japanese escorts London have become the most popular choice amongst any other ethnicity. This is however quite understandable if you have ever experienced an evening with them, it is wrong to stereotype although they do have certain characteristics that just aren’t found in Western escorts, like the passion, enthusiasm and gratitude that they hold towards their profession. This ensures the maximum enjoyability on an intimate experience.

London also pays dividend to a significant japanese influence which started almost a century ago. What first started of as strictly professionals, such as doctors and surgeons is now spread to a wide diversity of different job roles. Today, as of decades ago, Japanese student escorts are a major feature in British universities due to cheaper air travel and are now heavily involved within the agriculture of the city.

Dating a model in South Kensington, London

Perhaps a more quiet area in London to enjoy a date with a stunning model looking escort is South Kensington from somewhere like In comparison to its surrounding areas such as Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Kensington this has a big reputation to live up to and there is no doubts that it does just that.


What is a more simple, yet enjoyable date than a trip to the cinema to enjoy a blockbuster movie with a lady on your arm. Located near to the South Kensington tube station is three cinemas for you to choose from. One suitable to a high class date would be Cineworld London located on Fulham Road, SW10 9QR. Screening all the biggest and latest movies all year round you will be able to fulfill your needs and enjoy the finest films with an exquisite South Kensington escort there to enjoy it with you.




For the more sophisticated date there is the opportunity to visit some of the local museums that constantly attract tourists to enjoy the history in many different aspects and under many different topics. The Natural History Museum is always a big hit and can be a great scene to spend an afternoon with a South Kensington escort enjoying great conversation as well as discovering some educational facts. Other museums to choose from are the Science Museum and also the Victoria and Albert Museum. A tough choice but all vastly enjoyable with an escort on your arm.


The most popular sight and place to visit in South Kensington is Royal Albert Hall which has been part of London since back in the 1800s and still today is one of the most iconic venues. Shows vary between many different genres including Cirque du Soleil and also Late Night Jazz shows which are equally special. Similar to the cinema this is one of the finest ideas to enjoy your date with one of the many South Kensington escorts. Be sure to check out up and coming shows on the Royal Albert Hall website and plan your date around that.

Your date in South Kensington can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in London and when the girl with you is one of Grosvenor Girls South Kensington escorts you could be anywhere in the world and your time together would be special.