London’s Quirkiest Restaurants

London is now considered one of the worlds leading cities for gastronomic excellence and experimentation. Where once Paris stood alone in a pioneering fashion for how dining should be done, London has slowly but surely caught up and succeeded its cross channel rivals. It is now largely considered the finest city in the world if you’re looking for the best of the best of Michelin star restaurants and this in combination with the abundance of high class London escorts, this makes for a frightening combination. By attracting some of the worlds most famous and well renowned chefs they have conquered the elite now, with inspiration from pioneering chefs such as Heston Blumenthal and incorporating ideas from across Europe, London looks set to introduce a number of quirky restaurants that separate the ordinary from the extra ordinary. Here is a look at a few of our favorites.

So you’ve arrived in London and met up with your high class London escorts, surely the last place you would want to take a companion of this beauty and sophistication is to the Death cafe, wrong! Despite its rather intimidating name, the restaurant actually has really unique and uplifting concept. The restaurants focus is to only talk about death with the intention of encouraging people to make the most of their finite lives. Death is very much a taboo topic although through this delightful initiative, it allows people to openly discuss their lives, dreams and ambitions but the final inevitability, certainly a strange concept although one that isn’t without real thought.

The next restaurant is far less outrageous although no less quirky and appealing. Why not visit the fantastically named ‘Beast‘ with your elite London escorts. This restaurant coming from entrepreneurial duo that brought us Burger and Lobster, is the UK’s first exclusively set menu. Customers will be charged £75 a head and will be shared between 4 people, so you will be able to socialize with other couple with your exclusive London escort. The menu consists of a wheel of Parmesan for the table for starters, with a gigantic steak and whole king crab to be shared amongst the group. To make the evening even more special, all of the tables have been designer and created by those who created the great hall in Hogwarts for the Harry Potter films. And to put any thoughts of ordering off menu to rest, that is strictly forbidden.

The final restaurant that is heralded for being one of London’s, if not the worlds, leading quirky restaurants, Supperclub in Notting Hill. After meeting up with your high class London escorts, you will head to the club for about 7 pm for a couple twisted mind Martinis before entering the gigant venue bordered by large white beds running alongside the walls. Once you have enjoyed your meal in the comfort of your king sized table/bed you will then be entertained by a variety of different acrobats, performers and musicians, and then after that a giant party.

Any of these restaurants provide an excellent opportunity to make your evening with your high class London escorts an even more special and memorable occasion. Be sure you have an evening to remember and book a beautiful companion from a high class London escort agency such as