Best night clubs in manchester

Manchester is scattered with hot spots that are full of clubs. It’s almost like each club in the little hot spots are in fitting with one another, making it a much more pleasant night out.

But why is it more pleasant?

I think that clubs are very hit and miss with people. You can almost just upon entering a club, make the decision on whether you’re going to enjoy it or not, and your first impressions and feelings are never wrong when it comes to picking the right club. So when you find the right venue for you in Manchester, you’ll usually enjoy the surrounding area, all other bars and clubs, and the crowds that fill them.

I’m a huge fan of exotic countries, calm tranquil ones filled with nothing but white sand, crystal clear waters, and a waiter asking me how I’d like my cocktail. But unfortunately the UK isn’t anything like the Caribbean, and the weather here isn’t beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, and the seas here are as clear as mud….. I could go on to talk about the miserable characteristics however that wouldn’t be fun at all. That’s why I would encourage you to visit the Cuba Cafe and the Hula Tiki Lounge in the northern quarter. You’d just love the inviting crowd and positive atmosphere.

If there aren’t any nice tropical clubs then it has to be an all night party filled with women, drinks, and a visual show that can be seen all around the venue. There are only three clubs in Manchester that spring to mind when I’m brainstorming. The first one is Suede on Quay street because its a very active club, expect nothing but dancing in this mesmerising facility. If not there then you could try K2, this is a very ‘groovy’ bar which contains such a visual show for its customers, it’s a bit more laid back too so you can go here over suede if you want to relax. But if these two do not pick your fancy, you could Bijou which is opposite Manchester cathedral. It is a swanky weekend club at the end of Deansgate locks, it looks good from the outside but wait until you’ve experienced what lies behind the front doors.

Wherever you decide to go, make sure that you pick the right person to go with you. Someone that is bright, interesting and loving. Where can you find a woman this perfect and well rounded? Viola..

Moments of greatness captured.

People say that an image is important to a person, not because they can be items for you to hold, touch, and give-away. Because pictures are framed moments of time, memories which can be made unforgettable due to the evidence you have of it happening. They can bring you to tears, make you ball with laughter, and anything in-between. That’s why when we see interesting people in pictures, we are so intrigued. It’s almost a gateway, a window into another persons life. So when you want to know more about that person, you’re going to need a lot more windows. But what I enjoy the most about pictures and the memories they help us cherish, are the photo-bombs that can come out of them! What’s better than seeing a celebrities picture getting sabotaged? Watching a celebrity do the sabotaging! Here are my personal favourite images where a celebrity has photo bombed it perfectly.


I enjoy this picture of ringo doing the bombing, this is because as you can see, little Justin hasn’t hit puberty yet, so it was probably before all of his superstar relationships. Non the less, in this case Justin was Photo bombed  by a living legend. If I was in Biebers shoes at this moment in time, I wouldn’t be that down hearted. Kesha isn’t really of any importance but I couldn’t find the crop feature to take her out…


I like this one too because I can’t really think of anyone sexier, cooler, and more beautiful than Cara Delavigne. This international sex symbol has a figure comparable to those that work at Park lane angels, ( But look at how she can strike one of the scariest faces you’ve ever seen.


Chris Brown is quite a cool character isn’t he? He must surely only hang around with the coolest, the most hip people in Hollywood. That’s right, you’d never see Chris brown in any low class bars and restaurants. Chris Brown only enjoys places that charge more than you’d pay for a pair of shoes, for one drink….. I had no idea the Queen Vic was in that price range.



The reason why I like this Photo bomb so much,  is that the EastEnders star, Sid Owen, hasn’t tried to make a fool of Chris Brown. But his pleasant, approachable, and almost heart warming grin really make the multi-million dollar man look like a complete idiot.





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Overpriced goods now a days

The cheaper side of things isn’t as bad as you may think. Just because you’re not going to pay as much, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get good products. In fact some times it can mean the opposite, that’s because some big named brands charge hideous amount, then cut the quality of the products being made so that the income and profit is unheard of. Take any big name fashion manufacturer for example, there has even been cases where some factories have been almost right next to the very same factories that make the rip-off versions of their products. What’s the difference in the design and creation? Nothing. Not even different materials, the only difference is the gross price that’s paid.
What about when you go to a restaurant? In some cases you can’t put a price on a well prepared meal, however in most scenarios you’re paying for someone to cook a meal to the same level of quality that you can. Do you think that Jamie Oliver puts something different in his food when he makes it? It’s not about spending money, that isn’t an issue, it’s about spending the right amount when you are forking out huge amounts. Even when you’re just shopping, your bottled water, cereal, milk, batteries and other tinned good have a price tag on them that they really shouldn’t…. much more items too.
So when you’re going out to buy things, make sure that you’re getting products of a good value that are also not that bad for your pocket. It’s not hard to do so, if you look around you can find great value for money items. From great value clothing brands, to amazing dining areas, you can really find some quality bargains. Check out stores like top man, restaurants like Nandos. Even if you look hard enough you can find great prices for tech, websites are something that cost loads, some companies provide template sites for incredibly good prices. Check out pimp design for example.