Monday the 20th of January, is the most depressing day of the year

When you thought that we’d gone through the most depressing day of the year apparently it has now been beaten by today. For some reason researchers have found that today, Monday the 20th of January, is the most depressing day of the year. Personally I woke up in a good mood this morning so I wouldn’t of expected it to be the worst day of the year. Then again you can’t help but feel down on a Monday, the furthest away from the weekend that you can get. How are you battling the Monday morning blues? Why not book an escort with Babestation and forget the worst day of the year with one of our London escorts.

Did you know that January too is known as the most depressing month of the year. It’s weird because January is usually one of those ‘A new year a new start’ months where you try to achieve yourself some personal goals like quitting smoking or saving up. When you think about it though coming back into work after Christmas is a bit of chore. That feeling that you get when you walk back in for the first time isn’t that fun whatsoever.

Did you know that in January the amount of people that leave their jobs and break off with their partners rapidly increases. This is probably due to people starting certain new years resolutions however you can’t help but feel down when things like this happen. Also some people are looking for other companions whilst being with their current one as anonymous dating/ affair website ‘Illicit encounters’ gets a dramatic increase in memberships. I would just book some London escorts from Babestation Escorts.

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Monaco During Winter

Monaco is the mother of all that is glamorous in Europe. The original millionaires playground this small principality between France and Italy is known for being the height of leisure. In Summer Monaco is the highlight of the social scene with Yachts regularly seen adorning the bay on the Cote D’Azur and the rich and famous wondering the streets but in the Winter is there any point in visiting Monaco.

The best part of visiting in between November and February is that at low season the resorts are relatively quiet. Although this means that you will have to deal with some businesses, restaurants and bars will be closed for refurbishments but on the whole you will be able to enjoy many of the small villages in a much more intimate way. Why not take an escort from Monaco with you as she will be able to show you the best routes to explore and will have local knowledge on where will be open during this time in the year. The snow comes as well at around this time and makes the city something of a winter paradise. Whether you are looking for the perfect scenic location for a quiet date with your escort in Monaco or a warm bar to take away the chill and have an intimate time will sipping a nice warm hot chocolate or mulled wine then allow your date for the evening to guide your to the ideal spot.

With so many places to choose from and so many different attractions available in Monaco a tourist could always do with a little guidance and many Monaco escorts such as those from Sin City can be a great help to enhance your stay. If you are local then why not just enjoy the company and maybe impart some of your local knowledge upon your date. Find that hidden gem of a restaurant tucked away in a small village in the hills or explore the lesser known bars and establishments by the beach. Either way Monaco during winter can still be an incredible place. The overall atmosphere is completely different. A more relaxed mentality is taken by everyone as the tourist are nearly none existent and this leads to a much easier holiday for those that do travel.

Many locals will treat you as one of their own if you visit during the down time and you will not face the tourist prices of the high season. We love Monaco so maybe we are biased but in our opinion there is no bad time to visit and with the help of a beautifully high class escort in Monaco you will be able to see the principality in a completely new light.

Courtisane Escorts

What are the best dating spots in London? Because London is a city defined by gorgeous women, and a lot of them, do you really think that it’s a surprise that there are so many great spots to take a woman to. It’s almost as if parts of London were built whilst keeping in mind what a young, modern, beautiful couple may want to do on a date. So if you’re someone that hasn’t experienced a date around the city, it’s about time you had. You can’t blame the lack of attractions and activities. But what if you don’t have anyone to go with? In that case all you need to do is contact some of the women at Courtisane? You’ll fall in love with these wonderfully vibrant women, and I guarantee you that you’ll never look at getting from another agency again.

So where can you go? For those interested in a quirky day out, you could go to the National History Museum. This is right in the heart of the city, and through all of the fossils and dinosaurs, it’s a surprisingly romantic experience. Just holding hands and drifting slowly around the museum is a wonderful experience.

If not there then you could go to the theatre. The shows that are put on in the West End area of London are some of the most sought after in the whole world, it is up there with the famous broadway area of New York. The best part about  the theatre is that a  whole range of shows are staged here. You’ll definitely find something that you’d enjoy watching within the next week. Plus, what woman doesn’t enjoy being taken out to a play or musical? It’s the type of sophistication, class and elegance that a female companion enjoys. But still, don’t get sucked into thinking that you’re trying to impress your date. When you book an escort with Courtisane, the girls are there to impress you and show you a good time. However, a little bit of pampering and they’ll be forever grateful. Check them out at: