Tantric Massage From Guilty Pleasures

Why choose tantric massage?

Now I’m not a pervert but…

Okay so admittedly that isn’t the best way to start, well anything, but hear me out. We all have interests and hobbies and it just so happens that one of mine is sex. Now I’m not into any weird shit per say, no scat, no diapers nothing particularly out of the ordinary but I enjoy it disproportionately and so I have spent quite a bit of money over the last decade or so doing sex things with lots of sex people which includes erotic tantric massage, from agency’s such as Guilty Pleasures.

I work in finance which is one of the only jobs I can think of which is both extremely stressful and also extremely boring. A terrible combination I’m sure you will agree, so what keeps me sane is the frequenting of high end escorts. Most of whom know me by first name now (clearly nothing to be proud of). I worked out the other day that if you aggregate everything I have spent on escorts in the last 10 or so years I could have bought a decent sized flat in central London outright. Anyway that’s enough morbid talk.

I have been friends with two members of the Guilty Pleasures team for a very long time and they have asked me to write a quick blog if you will (such a terrible word) regarding my own preferences and how they have changed over the years. I work in an advisory role I suppose based on my own extensive experiences of the sex industry.
I’m a sucker for porn (pardon the pun), I just love it so the ability to fuck the women I saw on the screen has always appealed to me. I have fucked virtually every mainstream porn star you could think of (except Jenna Jameson, sore subject don’t ask) including Aletta Ocean for £1,000 an hour and Christy Mack for about the same. However, these were the probably the most unfulfilling of the lot and ultimately unsatisfying. In my head this was great, as was virtually every escort I have ever slept with, but the reality came up short, way short.

Have you ever booked an escort? If so this should be a not so gentle reminder. Come at agreed time fully showered and ready to go only to be welcomed by one of a random number of carefully constructed plans to make you late decreasing your time spent together. I have even seen a couple of escorts hide when seeing me (I didn’t take this too personally as they hadn’t seen my face). Once you arrive, 15 minutes late no less, a cursory greeting occurs followed by an immediate but polite request for money. This is, of course, to be expected. Following that you will be instructed to have a shower. Now I am a pretty clean individual and have obviously showered before I got there but I am still required to have another one. Again that’s ok I can understand the need for cleanliness, but at this point it is now 30 minutes past kick off and I am very eager to get started. Kissing, the usual precursor to anything sexual is quite often outlawed and preserved for the ‘boyfriend’. So far, so not-so-great! As I get down to the good stuff and reveal my ever hard penis, the escort, in a ninja like movement manages to put a condom on my penis. I have soon discovered that a lot of the condoms escorts use contains what is called Benzocaine, a numbing agent that is used for cutting cocaine. I can effectively feel nothing and it looks as though there is a penis on my lap that this fine escort is fellating apathetically. As the clock creeps up to around 40-45 minutes past scheduled time, the actual sex begins. A hurried, rushed event so awkward in reality, when recollecting the event for the almost inevitable post escort wank, virtually everything is altered and it may as well have been a complete fiction.

Highest Paid Jobs In London

There are many jobs in London that can earn you an incredible amount of money, as long as you put in the time and effort. Below I have compiled a list of the top jobs in the city, that have the highest pay. Now obviously there will be exceptions to the list, such as footballers and entrepreneurs that bring in way over the highest earners on our list, but this works on averages and set job titles.

1. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers (£90,000)

The aviation industry is extremely well paid and at the forefront of this industry is senior engineers and pilots, people who have built up their skills over many years and can now reap the rewards. The like of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, who both fly out of London’s Heathrow airport, usually offer the highest salaries.

2. Chief executives and Senior Officials (£81,000)

You may have expected these types of people to be earning more per year than £80,000, but the real value in these types of jobs, is the generous allowances and first class travel, not to mention the cushy pensions! CEO’S often encourage slightly less pay for better pensions, due to tax reasons too.

3. Air Traffic Controllers (£79,000)

Another job from the aviation industry, these are the people that keep British airspace, safe and organised, as well as instructing aircraft when they are clear to take off and land.

4. Medical Practitioners (£71,141)

These are the people who keep us from getting ill and help us get back to health if we do. Of course this is not the starting Salary, but senior GP’s and Doctors can earn anything from this upward.

So now, you know where the money is, you can start to work your way towards it! There is one thing all these people have in common though and that is that there jobs are very stressful, so they probably end up going for lots of London tantric massages from the likes of tantric angels.

London Escorts From Crush Are The Best

I have been booking escorts in London for quite a while now, and one thing that I have come to learn is that the majority of the time you are better off booking from an agency and I have found Crush Escorts London to be the best whose website you can find on this post. Monika is one of my favourite companions in the city, she is more mature than most, which is what I like as you can enter into genuine and interesting conversations with her, something which a lot of companions don’t like to do. I also know that Monika loves to travel and is a great person to go abroad with, to add just that touch of class to your trip, whether it is business or pleasure. I have included some images of Monika, which I have got from her website, below.

As you can see from the images above, Monika is not just intelligent and interesting to talk to, but also extremely attractive and certainly a great taste in fine lingerie. When I last booked Monika it was on a Friday, after a long stressful week in the office and she certainly did a great job of de-stressing me and ensuring I was ready for a good weekend. I find that London escorts tend to give you more of a personal experience, as they usually have a few less, but more important clients, so they spend time to get to know and understand you. At the end of the day these girls rely on their reputation.

During one of our recent encounters, we visited one of the nicest restaurants I have ever been to called The Ledbury, which is a very modern dining experience, with chef Brett Graham at the helm. This is a perfect place to take one of the London escorts, you can find it on 127 Ledbury Road, W11 2AQ.

Erotic Massage For Women

Tantric massage in London is not something that only men can enjoy. Although it seems to be an industry focussed on the males of the city it is getting more and more common to find a masseuses that offer their services to women. Massage businesses like Massage Her are offering the very best in female erotic massage in the city of London and exploring the incredible spiritual feelings that can be achieved through the participation in tantric massage.

“Yoni Massage” is the massage that is based on the female erotic areas. In Tantra it is the sacred area of a woman and is seen as the origins of life. Due to the importance of this area to the life cycle it should be treated with an incredible amount of care and respect. Yoni Massage is no about achieving whole body orgasm, although this is often seen as the ultimate goal, it is about discovering the ways to liberate the inhibitions of a person so that full body orgasm is more achievable on regular occasions. Many women have sexual blockades in place that prevent them from fully enjoying their experiences with partners and “Yoni Massage” is a great way to break down these barriers and to open the doors to a much more fulfilled sex life.

If you are interested in what “Yoni Massage” can offer you then why not contact Massage Her and see what their professional masseuses can help you to discover about yourself and your body. There is a world of pleasure awaiting you if you can simply surpass the stresses and fears that many women have about their sensual nature. Contact one of the reception staff now to find out how you can live a more fulfilling lifestyle in the city of London.

New Manchester Escort Agency Violets

Starting a new agency like Violets Agency recently has certainly become a completely different project than it was probably 10 years ago. Back in the past, it was in a way seen as a quick way to make some money by simply posting adverts across the city in any way possible. Back then it was usually the newspaper, magazines, hotels and even things such as post-boxes and perhaps quite shocking to think about now, it worked and people became huge successes to say the very least. Some of those agencies still run today and have just their reputation as their source of advertisement.

Over the last few years, however, the industry changed massively going from offline to completely depend on online advertising to start a new and successful agency. Looking at website analytics there are 3 ways of breaking down the traffic that a website receives. Firstly, there is direct traffic and that comes from a couple of sources, one of them is the agency owner/webmaster going to the website and some people who know already what agency to use. Secondly is referrals from escort directories. These can be often misleading as unfortunately, some directories use false clicks as a way to trick the advertisers into thinking they are getting traffic. Thirdly and without a doubt most importantly is SEO. Most people search Google for escorts and you need to be up at the top of the rankings to get the business. This is something Manchester Females are spending a lot of their time doing.

For agencies like Violets Agency, their ultimate long-term goal is getting to the top of the Google rankings. Doing this requires investment but the escort industry has become a more business-minded industry and Manchester Females know that their investment will result in a successful agency.

Ultimately, the message here is that you can’t expect to make a quick couple of quid by setting up an agency anymore. You have to think about it a lot more, you have to be willing to invest and you must be patient as there is still plenty of money to be made with a professional escort agency. Take a look at Manchester agency Violets and familiarise yourself with what could become one of the biggest names in the Manchester escorts industry over the coming years.

A lot of agencies struggle in this day and age to get anywhere within the industry for the fact that the market really is over saturated with so many agencies competing for the top spots and fighting over any business which is in the market. That is why SEO comes into place and we recommend that if you want to be successful then you have no choice but to invest in improving them google rankings, we have a lot of people who use a company called “Adult Creative” who provide excellent and affordable SEO services.

We are aware that Violets Agency is currently working closely with these guys to achieve their dream page one for “Manchester escorts” and become one of the biggest agencies in the game, we wish them all the best at Dogz Bollocks and we hope to see them on page one soon! We have no doubts in Adult Creative as they have helped us out in the past with our organic traffic and does it make a great difference to your business.

The Best Bangkok Escorts From Absolute!

Bangkok is a tremendous city, with so much happening and one of the best night-life scenes in the world, attracting millions of young adults from across the world each year. Another thing that this city is famous for is the incredible Bangkok escorts, who are some of the sexiest, most alluring women in the world. My favourite girls are from an agency called Absolute Bangkok, a relatively new escort agency with a great easy to use website and images of all the girls they have available to book. These girls love to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer, whether that is enjoying a romantic meal at one of the rooftop restaurants with a beautiful view, or partying at one of the hottest clubs around. I have included some images of the girls from the agency website below to give you a good idea of how attractive these ladies are!

Dollar 1 Megan 1 Summer 1


I booked the lovely lady on the left hand side last time I was in the country, her name is Dollar and she is one of the friendliest, sexiest and finniest person I have ever met! We had a great evening together grabbing a quick bite to eat and then heading to a few of the most exclusive bars in the city, before going back to my hotel room! She certainly is one of the hottest Bangkok escorts at the minute, with a great personality to match, something which a lot of companions certainly lack.

As you may guess, these escorts love to be taken to only the best restaurants around, so if you are unsure where is nice, let me recommend my favourite! The place is called Above Eleven and it is a stunning rooftop bar and restaurant, with incredible food and great service. The incredible backdrop views also create a great atmosphere to take one of the Bangkok escorts.