Bars, pubs and clubs to take your escort to in Cardiff

On a recent sabbatical my friends and I decided to venture into Cardiff for a brief holiday and a tour around the clubs, pubs and bars. This wasn’t originally a planned journey, it was more of a spur of the moment idea that wasn’t meant to lead anywhere but we ended up taking it too far. Don’t coin us as connoisseur drinkers with a glass of wine and a meal. We went to Wales to drink, party, and drink. Ultimately it was a fantastic trip and we’re planning to go again next year.

Cardiff's nightlife

However, the first day of drinking the point of this article is to educate you about the amazing drinking dens and haunts we found during our stay. Our first warning is this- don’t restrict yourself to the top establishments listed through Google! On the first night we tried the same tactic and tried a long string of places we found at the top of the search engine and none of them were particularly memorable (yes we’re looking at you urban taphouse).

Despite the first night being a bit of a let down due to unsatisfying locations and terribly boring locals, my friends and I sipped our lemon water, brought our hangovers under control and went out again on Saturday evening. Instead of using our phones to guide us this time we just walked into the first pub we saw and grabbed a pint.

Surprisingly this tactic worked far better than we expected. After exploring a few bars and pubs in the center of the city, we found some escorts Cardiff who kindly demanded to accompany us and show us where the real clubs and party locations were at. Here’s a list of the top places to go drinking in Cardiff (we might not remember a few!):

Retro Cardiff Bar Venue

Retro Cardiff

This was the first bar the girls took us to, and definitely the one we began to get our party on in. Retro was the nightlife of Cardiff we had so sorely been missing on the first evening. What a great crowd of happy locals, accompanied by a decent selection of music and lots of laughs. There’s even a VIP area we somehow got into, which was very suave and cool.

Wetherspoons Cardiff, what an amazing bar franchise


The second haunt of the evening was ideal, who doesn’t love a Wetherspoons if just for the cheap drinks and the inevitable horde of young students getting obliterated. This is the bar we finished the most drinks in and where our brains started to forget a few important details, like how to get home.

Escorts Ladybird


This was our last stop for a couple of rounds before we took our escorts back to the hotel. Although we didn’t get an opportunity to spend much time in Ladybird you could tell immediately it was a great place for a night of clubbing. Good atmosphere, lots of happy dancing faces and a lot of noise.

So if you’re ever around Cardiff and you want to go for some drinks in a place that doesn’t completely rip you off while providing a relatively dull night out we suggest you try some of these locations. You won’t get a better seal of approval than tried and tested by four young alcoholics!

The Magical City of London

London is a truly magical city, perfect for those who love to explore thanks to the depths of diversity that it can offer to the trained eye. With a history dating back to the Roman ages and potentially even earlier than this, which can be speculated by the knowledge that Britain was populated by humanity way before the romans got here thanks to the existence of wondrous monuments such as Stonehenge. London is definitely the capital of England for a reason beyond its excellent location on the River Thames which has historically made it an excellent place for trade. If you are interested in history then you will really struggle to find a more interesting city than our own capital.

Londons History…Sort of

As you make your way through the ages you will notice the clear signs of development into the city that it is today remaining, as blatant as could be, yet ignored by the minds of those who lack understanding of the sheer significance. The Roman walls of Londinium still stand to this day, and can be quite clearly observed with a little research into their exact location. This is not the only remnant of Roman London however, as you can also see the foundations of the Temple of Mithras, or the London Mithraeum which was discovered during the 1950’s.

A History of Londons People and Places

Moving further forward in time we have the world famous St Paul’s Cathedral which has stood for hundreds of years as one of the dominant sights on the London skyline, a true accomplishment for the times, being a building which still to this day helps signify the British national identity. To finish your journey, why not pop into Ye Olde Mitre for a drink in the company of one of the lovely Close up photo of Tanialadies from London Seduction Girls, this is a pub speculated to have been right next door to the location of one of Henry VII’s weddings and in fact it is reported that his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, enjoyed dancing around the iconic cherry tree that stands outside this pub in her childhood.

The Origins of Tantra

Authentic or Tibetan Tantra is a deeply enlightening experience for those who seek a more intimate tantric massage. Some of our beautiful tantric goddesses, including Mia, Maya, Alessia and Renee, are experienced in this ancient philosophy of healing, and practice this form of tantric massage London at Guilty Pleasures.

“Tantra’ means to weave light and sound with form, and some of the techniques employed by our girls involve breathing techniques, sounds and visualizations, to activate, enrich and heal all the energy centres (or chakras) of the body. The aim is to balance mind, body, spirit, and sex through the sensuous touch of a tantric masseuse, to achieve better health, emotional balance, mental clarity, freedom from suffering, and the ultimate in pleasure.

The four pillars of Tibetan Tantra are meditation, movement, connection, and pleasure and practitioners of authentic tantra understand how the five elements make up our life-force and focus on the balance of the Tibetan elemental chakra system. You will find that our girls are perfectly in tune with their sensuality and they know just how to touch you to awaken your sensuality and your deep sexual energy. Once this energy has been aroused, it is controlled by her touch, amplified, and directed throughout your body so that it flows to every part, connecting your sexuality with your heart and soul. All we ask of you is that you relax – an authentic tantric massage is all about being in the moment as you surrender to the expert touch of your masseuse.

Tibetan Tantra approaches pleasure as a medicine and through authentic tantric massage, you are better able to heal, grow, and experience a transformation of consciousness. The experience is deeply relaxing and you will probably discover the capacity to experience more pleasure than you ever thought possible before. You will leave feeling refreshed and energized, and many of our clients report feeling more confident, virile, loving, and more able to control their sexual energy!

The Most Relaxing Hotels for Your Stay in London

If you’re visiting London there are many things you need to consider, London is a very big place which can make life difficult if you haven’t thought out your trip. This is why you need to do your research before travelling so that you can know exactly what you want to do and exactly where you want to go. In this article I will be making it my goal to save you time and effort on this process by giving you some details onto excellent hotels available for your accommodation in London. This is a very important factor in any stay as your hotel will be the central hub for your London adventure and it is needless to say that this is an integral part of your trip.

Hotel 41

For those of you who enjoy a bit of luxury, there are few better hotels to suit your needs than Hotel 41, this hotel is located just across the road from Buckingham Palace. This classy hotel is perfect for a booking with a tantric masseuse from somewhere such as Bliss Tantric. This hotel is a great place to stay thanks to the spacious and well decorated rooms, as well as the fine meals they prepare for customers, so it is an all-round great hotel.

Park Grand Hotel


You will struggle to find a hotel in London which offers better value for money than at the Park Grand hotel, which is the perfect place for those who are just looking for a simple, cost effective stay. There is also a nice bonus in that this hotel is located right next to one of the tube stations that London has to offer. This is why this hotel is a great choice for those who love to travel.


MASCHERONI-Hotel-shangri-la-copiaIf you’re a newcomer to London then you should definitely make one of the upper floor rooms at Shangri-La your choice of hotel. These rooms have a better view of London than can be seen from the London eye which can really make it easy to plan out where you want to go. This makes your life infinitely easier since you can visually see the key landmarks that you wish to visit.

Why You Should Visit Newcastle Escorts From Geordie Girls Newcastle

Newcastle is a famous city in the North-East of England, well known across the country for its role in the wool trade and is the seventh most populous city in the UK.

This gives you an insight as to just how much this great city has to offer for anyone passing through and you couldn’t choose a better time to find yourself here than right now in 2016.

Newcastle has gained some widespread publicity in recent years thanks to reality TV shows such as Geordie Shore, which has helped to attract even more tourism to this already booming city.

However, this city is in no way lacking in attractions, with many different places you can go to kill some time or even places for you to see some unique monuments such as the Angel of the North, a giant metal humanoid structure with wings outstretched.

A range on offer for you and your Newcastle Escorts

You could visit the Centre for Life just around the corner from the discovery museum, where you can learn a lot about what makes the world tick.

Alternatively, you might find you’re coming to Newcastle for the nightlife, and believe me it is in no way lacking in this department, some of the best bars and clubs in the North-East can be found in Newcastle and it is for this reason that it has become such a popular destination for a party.

Why not book a companion to join you on your trip, at Geordie Girls Newcastle, you can find a wide range of gorgeous Newcastle escorts to choose from, who will help you find your way around the city and much much more, all with a simple online booking.

I’d recommend checking out the Hotel Indigo for your stay as it is an amazingly luxurious hotel at a price that is frankly a steal.

Geordie Girls Newcastle Banner

Companion Concierge Of London

If you are looking for an escort agency in the city of London it is fair to say you are not struggling for choice. There are literally thousands of agencies all vying for business in the city and it can sometimes be hard to tell which of these is the one for you. There are Asian escort agencies, cheap, high-end, shemale and fetish to name but a few, and more launching every day. It can be a little overwhelming to choose the right one when you are looking for a specific type of model or dating experience but this is where Companion Concierge comes to the fore. They are an experienced agency built on years of industry knowledge and offering their clients a service that is second to none. If you want assurances that all your needs and desires will be met then it has to be Companion Concierge for you.


The agency is relatively new compared to many in the city but  this does not mean that the people behind it are new to the escort business. They have seen and perfected a way of treating clients that will not just blow you away but ensure that this is the only agency you will ever want to book from. There are high standards set for all escorts that work with the agency and these must be adhered to at all times. From the first moment you meet your companion to the moment you say goodbye you will be immersed in a fantasy that you could hardly imagine.

It is very easy to make claims of what an agency can offer but Companion Concierge can truly deliver on every promise laid out before you. Don’t take my word for it though why not visit the website and book one of the incredible models for yourself. They have escorts to match all budgets so on’t delay, it will be the best decision you ever make.