Best locations to visit with a Casino London Models escort

Casino London Models are host to the most amazing escorts in London. This high class escort agency in London has an extensive collection of beautiful London escorts which range in different reasonably priced rates. Casino London Models is an escort service like no other in London, with this outstanding agency you can book the company of an incredibly beautiful model escort to accompany you to anywhere you have in mind. If you want to relax somewhere discreet with the company of a charming Casino London Models escort or perhaps you would like to hire the company of a stunning model escort to accompany you to any venues in the city, the choice is entirely up to you. Overall having any of the spectacular London escorts from Casino London Models accompanying you to a remarkable experience waiting to be had.


If you would enjoy spending time with a gorgeous escort here are some terrific locations in London for the pair of you to visit which make for a memorable experience. Depending on your booking duration it may vary on where you spend the duration of your booking. For short encounters with your escort from Casino London Models I would recommend booking an incall booking as this agency have some phenomenal discreet locations for you to visit for your booking. For slightly longer booking periods I would recommend any venues in London whether it be having your escort accompany you to any of the cities tourist attractions, restaurants, bars or anything else you have in mind. For the ultimate and longest booking period with your Casino London Models escort I would recommend visiting any of the cities magnificent hotels. Staying at any of the hotels in London is a terrific way to create a great first impression with your escort and is also one of the most luxurious and unforgettable experiences to be had in London.

Stop Stereotyping Escorts

When it comes to escorting there seems to be a stigma that all the girls who work in this field are just sluts and love taking dick in every orifice. Well you may be right about a small percentage of the girls in  this field but in fact many of the girls working as escorts do it because it helps to pay the bills. It probably comes to no surprise but this is a good paying job and can leave you financially sound for many years so don’t assume we do it cause we like sex (it is a bonus of the job thought).

If you still see escorts as the stereotypical prostitute that in movies then you need to keep reading this so i can sort a few things out. First off escorts don’t stand on street corners infact they normally advertise on the web either on escort agency websites like Companion Concierge or they will list themselves on directories such as London Punt. Now this may sound a little weird to you but in fact is pretty normal and is just like listing your business on sites like

Secondly like many people seem to believe escorts are not drug addicts. In fact escorts are usually the best at looking after their bodies. I personally know a number of companions and they are some of the healthiest people i know, for example one of my friends hits the gym 6 hours a day eats perfect meals and drinks very little. Now this all may be because they are using their body as a source of income but in my eyes it’s because they respect themselves so don’t assume they do drugs cause the work as a companion.

My last point is why should you be bothered what someone does for a living. In my eyes as long as they are not hurting anyone then they can do whatever they want.

The most attractive escorts on Istanbul

When finding a new escort agency, I think we all like to browse through the choices of girls and pick out the most attractive escort. Whether we eventually hire that companion for services or not it doesn’t matter, it’s just nice to look through all the images and choose the most pretty. Now I’m not sure if everyone does this, but I’m pretty positive there are a few gentlemen out there with this ailment, am I wrong?

Whether you pick out the hottest girls or not doesn’t matter, because choosing an attractive escort is personally subjective anyway. I find Brunettes pretty whereas most gentlemen of my caliber are akin to Blondes. Today we are going to go through the Istanbul Butterfly escort agency gallery pages and pick out the most beautiful escorts we can find on the site. Comments, opinions, complaints are all welcome, so browse through our favorite choices and see what you think!

  1. Valery: Definitely the number one winner for me. Having hired this girl last time I was in Istanbul, I can say without skepticism that Valery is easily one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. She’s very flirtatious by nature too, which adds to the attraction.Valery Istanbul Butterfly escort
  2. Estrella: Despite never having had the pleasure of meeting Estrella personally (for all I know she’s a catfish), she really stands out as one of the most gorgeous babes on Istanbul Butterfly. Next time I’m in Turkey I will have to get in touch for an incall or outcall with this one, even if it’s just to verify her as real. Estrella, an escort working for Istanbul Butterfly
  3. Madinna: Don’t let her images fool you, in person Madinna is truly a goddess to behold. Having booked her for a one hour incall experience, I really regret not paying for some extra time with her. I’d recommend her to any gent looking for a very steamy and close booking, she’s more than talented.Madinna, an escort working in Turkey for Istanbul Butterfly
  4. Alionushka: Stunning, Belarusian, and a professional belly dancer, Alionushka knows exactly how to please a man and that’s just on personality alone. I spent a day in the city of Istanbul with this girl, and she led me around as a tourist. Although I must say it’s very difficult to see the sights with a sight like Alionushka standing in front of you! She made a brilliant guide.Alionushka Istanbul escort
  5. Stasia: Stasia is possibly one of the naughtiest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Incredibly playful and seductive from the moment we met, this escort really showed me an unforgettable time. She was relentless and filled with energy, try to keep up with her guys! Stasia, an escort with Istanbul Butterfly

What do you think of these girls?

Did you find these escorts from Istanbul Butterfly attractive? Would you hire them personally?