The rising popularity of shemale escorts

The London escort industry is one of the most competitive and potentially rewarding business sectors in the entire UK. From a CEO or investors point of view, there are few business sectors that offer the same level of reliability and reassurance that the money will continue to flow. We’ve all heard the cliche that prostitution is the oldest business of all time, and while time may of changed, our perfectly natural urges will never ever change. So what are the options when it comes to escorts in London? Well the volume and diversity is quite frankly mind blowing with the only limitations you restrict on yourself.

If we take a look at some of the more popular choice of escorts in London, you may be surprised to find that shemale escorts London are one of if not the most popular. Their popularity has increased year on year from nonexistent to a highly common choice of companion. This may come as a large surprise to some of you readers, however it makes a lot of sense when you actually think about it. If you have ever encountered a shemale escort in person, you will be well aware of the immense beauty, so much so that they are impossible to tell apart from females. The only difference of course being that they possess male genitalia. Many people are hugely attracted by this prospect, with the familiarity of an Asian escort, but the unfamiliarity of what lies downstairs.

You may be surprised to hear that the overwhelming majority of people who book shemale escorts London are heterosexual males. Many people jump to the conclusion that it is homosexual men who book shemale London escorts, but this tends to be the case. Shemale escorts tend to be highly popular amongst men, who are seeking to experiment with their sexuality. Shemale escorts are also well renowned for having a great personality and are very friendly and easy to talk to making them the perfect companion for any occasion.

Why book An Asian Escort?

Asian escort agencies seem to be amongst the most popular in London. High class and European agencies do have their markets but the Asian escorts seem to have the city, or at least a majority of it, under their spell. Is it because men enjoy the thought of a woman from the Orient or is it because it is something they are not used to being able to have during their normal lives and desire them in a forbidden fruit way? We are not sure the exact reasons and can only speculate but between the Asian female escorts, the Shemale and TS escorts that call the city home, they are ever popular.

There are many agencies in the city that can provide you with a sexy Asian escort and whether you are looking for a female to hang on your every word or a Shemale to help you experience the wilder side of life, you can have all of this with just one phone call. Agencies such as Moist Pussycats or  Yummy Asian London provide a high end service with discretion and elite escorts. These are experienced agencies that can not only arrange your booking for you but they can also help you to get the very most out of your date. They have experienced, professional reception staff that understand that not everyone knows what they want instantly. They are willing to help you and to ensure that when you book from these agencies you get the very best.

Why not check the website for these agencies to see what they can offer you as a client of theirs. You will never want to book from anywhere else when you have experienced the quality and class of these elite Asian escorts in London.