Bars, pubs and clubs to take your escort to in Cardiff

On a recent sabbatical my friends and I decided to venture into Cardiff for a brief holiday and a tour around the clubs, pubs and bars. This wasn’t originally a planned journey, it was more of a spur of the moment idea that wasn’t meant to lead anywhere but we ended up taking it too far. Don’t coin us as connoisseur drinkers with a glass of wine and a meal. We went to Wales to drink, party, and drink. Ultimately it was a fantastic trip and we’re planning to go again next year.

Cardiff's nightlife

However, the first day of drinking the point of this article is to educate you about the amazing drinking dens and haunts we found during our stay. Our first warning is this- don’t restrict yourself to the top establishments listed through Google! On the first night we tried the same tactic and tried a long string of places we found at the top of the search engine and none of them were particularly memorable (yes we’re looking at you urban taphouse).

Despite the first night being a bit of a let down due to unsatisfying locations and terribly boring locals, my friends and I sipped our lemon water, brought our hangovers under control and went out again on Saturday evening. Instead of using our phones to guide us this time we just walked into the first pub we saw and grabbed a pint.

Surprisingly this tactic worked far better than we expected. After exploring a few bars and pubs in the center of the city, we found some escorts Cardiff who kindly demanded to accompany us and show us where the real clubs and party locations were at. Here’s a list of the top places to go drinking in Cardiff (we might not remember a few!):

Retro Cardiff Bar Venue

Retro Cardiff

This was the first bar the girls took us to, and definitely the one we began to get our party on in. Retro was the nightlife of Cardiff we had so sorely been missing on the first evening. What a great crowd of happy locals, accompanied by a decent selection of music and lots of laughs. There’s even a VIP area we somehow got into, which was very suave and cool.

Wetherspoons Cardiff, what an amazing bar franchise


The second haunt of the evening was ideal, who doesn’t love a Wetherspoons if just for the cheap drinks and the inevitable horde of young students getting obliterated. This is the bar we finished the most drinks in and where our brains started to forget a few important details, like how to get home.

Escorts Ladybird


This was our last stop for a couple of rounds before we took our escorts back to the hotel. Although we didn’t get an opportunity to spend much time in Ladybird you could tell immediately it was a great place for a night of clubbing. Good atmosphere, lots of happy dancing faces and a lot of noise.

So if you’re ever around Cardiff and you want to go for some drinks in a place that doesn’t completely rip you off while providing a relatively dull night out we suggest you try some of these locations. You won’t get a better seal of approval than tried and tested by four young alcoholics!