Moments of greatness captured.

People say that an image is important to a person, not because they can be items for you to hold, touch, and give-away. Because pictures are framed moments of time, memories which can be made unforgettable due to the evidence you have of it happening. They can bring you to tears, make you ball with laughter, and anything in-between. That’s why when we see interesting people in pictures, we are so intrigued. It’s almost a gateway, a window into another persons life. So when you want to know more about that person, you’re going to need a lot more windows. But what I enjoy the most about pictures and the memories they help us cherish, are the photo-bombs that can come out of them! What’s better than seeing a celebrities picture getting sabotaged? Watching a celebrity do the sabotaging! Here are my personal favourite images where a celebrity has photo bombed it perfectly.


I enjoy this picture of ringo doing the bombing, this is because as you can see, little Justin hasn’t hit puberty yet, so it was probably before all of his superstar relationships. Non the less, in this case Justin was Photo bombed  by a living legend. If I was in Biebers shoes at this moment in time, I wouldn’t be that down hearted. Kesha isn’t really of any importance but I couldn’t find the crop feature to take her out…


I like this one too because I can’t really think of anyone sexier, cooler, and more beautiful than Cara Delavigne. This international sex symbol has a figure comparable to those that work at Park lane angels, ( But look at how she can strike one of the scariest faces you’ve ever seen.


Chris Brown is quite a cool character isn’t he? He must surely only hang around with the coolest, the most hip people in Hollywood. That’s right, you’d never see Chris brown in any low class bars and restaurants. Chris Brown only enjoys places that charge more than you’d pay for a pair of shoes, for one drink….. I had no idea the Queen Vic was in that price range.



The reason why I like this Photo bomb so much,  is that the EastEnders star, Sid Owen, hasn’t tried to make a fool of Chris Brown. But his pleasant, approachable, and almost heart warming grin really make the multi-million dollar man look like a complete idiot.





Sunderland vs Chelsea

I was out with some of my friends last night as we were watching the Capital One cup match between Sunderland and Chelsea. It had been coming for a long time but Chelsea‘s finishing finally cost them and they are now out of the League Cup. This may have a positive effect on the league form though as luckily it has not cost the team any points just a position in the third ranking competition in England.

The match started well enough with Chelsea taking the lead. They held the one – nil lead comfortably for a long period of the match but the same old story seemed to be unfolding.Of 17 chances that Chelsea managed to create only one was converted and even that one relied on the goal line technology that was used for the first ever time in the competition.

Credit must go to Sunderland though. They are lying at the bottom of the table in the premier league and managed to hold off against the title contenders until Fabio Borini equalised late on in the game. From this moment forward Sunderland seemed to have the wind in their sails and were playing a much better attacking game. It nearly seemed inevitable that Chelsea would concede again, recent form said that Chelsea would struggle to score and would probably give away another goal.

Sunderland kept pressing and got their reward in the middle of extra time. A goal from Ki in much the same way as Chelsea were beaten at Stoke put the final nail in the coffin. It was a disappointing result but as stated previously, much better to have happened in the cup than to have lost ground in the league. We are sure that Mourinho and his staff will have a full enquiry into the loss and Arsenal will have to face a formidable force on Monday.