Top 5 cities most visited

In our days travelling to other countries to meet and engaged with other cultures is something very common and with the advance of aviation you can just about go to anywhere in the world and with that in mind we will tell your some of the most desirable cites that in general receive the major number of visitors and why.


5- Istanbul, Turkeystock_photo_112485607_(2)
Istanbul is one of the European cities with the most multi-cultural populations and the links between Europe and the Middle East, being a city in such particular location can get visitors coming from both continents Asia and Europe and that makes a city with many landmarks and places to be visited.



dubai-overview-1400x788-14- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai makes to fourth and newest city in our list, here is a city that grown in the desert to be one of the major touristic points in the country, Dubai counts with some great landmarks like the tallest building in the world, one of the most expensive hotels in the world, artificial islands, the biggest shopping centre in the world and also one of the most expensive cities in the world.


3- Paris, France6946220-3x2-940x627
Paris the city of love this is a must city that you have to visit in your lifetime, the city that have seen the best of royalty, and now got the grandiose Eiffel Tower as the main landmark, also the Notre Dame Cathedral where so many children stories come from and never forget was in this streets where D’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers had their adventures.


bangkok2- Bangkok, Thailand
A distant city deep in the far cost of Asia Bangkok is known as “Sin City of Asia” for their extravagant holidays, cheap economy and great shemale. But Bangkok also has major landmarks to visit like Wat Phra Kaew which is a Buddhist temple and the grand palace and the floating market.


1-London, EnglandLondon_Montage_L
The city of the queen ranks in the top of the most visited cities in the world, well known for the land of the majesty the queen, 007 and Sherlock Holmes, this city is full of land marks and well known places that we see every day on TV, but a very important city in our modern global society.




Marbella´s Cream

As a long-term visitor and occasional resident of Marbella, it´s been interesting to watch the vibe of the place change over the years. From what used to be thought of its hey-day at the peak of the 1980s “Costa Del Crime” boom, when gangsters from all over Europe flocked to Marbella with their followers to enjoy the difficult or non existent extradition laws, to today’s jet-set scene, Marbella has continued to change at a rate unmatched pretty much elsewhere.

The Business (film)
The Business (film)

Marbella today is an interesting mix of the seedy and the glamorous; though for many people the two seem to intersect in their perceptions. There is clearly a presence of international crime (both organised and amazingly un-organised!) which is highly visible despite increased international police cooperation. But there is also a burgeoning genuinely high-end sector to the area, which is becoming very significant.

Wherever you go in Marbella, the increasing number of visitors from North America and Asia is obvious. The investment and high-end development that was driven by Arabian and drug money in the 1980s is now being driven by these new visitors. And their presence is forcing the local business community to change to keep up with them.

Visitors from North America, as a simple example, will not be happy with the very dodgy “steak” that some restaurants have been offering. So the lower end restaurants are having to specialise or lift their standards to match those of places such as Tango in Puerto Banus.

In the same way, the old-fashioned Sleek nightclub has been replaced by the Cavalli Club. Though the Olivia Valere club still carries on as always!

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The same is as true with car services, hotels, beach clubs and bars as it is with

So Marbella is changing again. Hopefully for the better, as it normally has been despite some major bumps along the way!

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