Are we more willing to spend?

After Christmas is meant to be a time of people watching what they spend and struggling through until February comes around. This is true of many families who have splashed out on the festive period and are now having to tighten their belts to recoup some of the money that was spent throughout December. The new year brings about a many resolutions and all of these usually include not drinking and saving money.

I read in the paper just today about how Britain as a whole spent beyond their means and is now suffering the consequences for this. Rail fares are going up, the price of heating is increasing, so can we really afford to splash on one day of the year. It seems though that as the sales have come around that people are not as impoverished as the papers would have you believe.

The Trafford Centre in Manchester was a sea of people all looking for deals straight after Christmas and with further reductions coming now that we have hit January this seems to be encouragement enough for people to spend their hard-earned cash.

It always seems to be doom and gloom in the papers and we are being scared into not spending. This scaremongering is what is holding back the economy and now that people are breaking the constraints and going out and spending this could be the most simple solution to bringing the country out of debt. It sounds very naive to say this but surely the more products bought the more tax is paid and the chain reaction continues.

It is strange but many of the businesses that have suffered the least seem to be recreational. The leisure industry, hospitality and even the escort industry with companies like exclusive company manchester, seem to be going from strength to strength. The business is falling in the door quite literally in the case of some bars and nightclubs and people seem to be all the more willing to spend and spend big. One of the best signs that the country is recovering is that many companies invested, and invested big, in the company Christmas parties.