Things To Do In Kensington

Kensington is one of the most affluent area in the whole of England and if you haven’t visited this area before you don’t know what you’re out on, some of the higher class establishments in this city are some of the most luxurious of their kinds in the whole of the country. You need a few days in this city to really enjoy everything it has to offer. One of the popular things to do in this area when it comes to tourist attractions is to attend The Royal Albert Hall, here you will find some great events all year round with such things as comedy acts playing here as well as opera and classical music being played live here. This would make for an incredible night out with one of the most beautiful Kensington escorts.

Kensington has a lot offer in the food department with some of the most renowned restaurants in the whole of the country being based in this affluent city. One of the standout restaurants in the whole of the country never mind Kensington goes by the name of The Ledbury, this restaurant has more awards than you can even count as well as having a Michelin star which means you know when attending this restaurant you really are getting the best of the best. This is the perfect kind of establishment to be joined by one of the most gorgeous Kensington escorts for some of the best food you will find country wide.

Kensington has some brilliant nightlife to offer as well so if you’re looking for a great night of partying then Kensington has many locations that are a great all-round experience, one of the standout ones is without doubt Boujis. This is the ideal kind of establishment to take one of the most drop dead beautiful Kensington escorts for a night of partying into the early hours of the following morning.