The Best Entertainment in Kent

Sevenoaks town centre

Kent is a beautiful areas surrounding of a gorgeous countryside this is not too far from London but this beautiful part of England is not as quiet as many people thing, in here you will a great time and many venues of entertainment from restaurant to events, parties to nightclubs, there are always something to do, even when you just take a walk you will find yourself walking thought beautiful gardens and passing by amazing houses, that is what you can get once you get to Kent.

From a large selection of places to go here are some of the best and some that usually tourists like the most.

Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to have a good time in London and for you to have get in direct touch with the wild life especially if you take your camera you will be able to get some amazing shots.

Lower Leas Coastal Park in Folkestone

This is a beautiful park and the reason why this area is considered the gardens of England, in this park you will find a wide diversity of plants, great place for a good time out with the family especially in the summer you won’t find better place to be.

Dover Castle in Dover

This is beautiful castle in the heist point in dover that you can visit they nave preserve many of the original things so people can understand and have a good idea how life used to be back in time, also you will be expose to an amazing view for all the land surrounding this palace.

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Events to visit with a high class London escort this summer!

The summer has come crashing in this year with sweltering heat, clear skies and a multitude of exhilarating events to get your teeth stuck in to throughout London. Although you may find it difficult to get somebody to go with you to some of them, don’t let this stop you from doing what you want! Booking an escort in London this summer is a better idea than ever due to the vast array of brilliant high class events that you can visit with your companion. So why not show off your impeccable taste by booking a beautiful high class escort with Deluxe VIP Models that truly looks the part no matter where she goes.

Royal Ascot

What event screams high class more than horse racing at the Royal Ascot? This year the dress code will be stepped up a notch ensuring that everybody looks the part for this glamorous event. This is a popular event to bring a London escort to due to the exciting atmosphere, the fact that it’s an important event and also because you are able to impress your peers with a gorgeous high class companion.

Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Although the public ballot is now closed to buy tickets for this event, customers are still able to queue up on the day (be there early!) and buy tickets from the venue. This tennis championship is a world renowned event that attracts the best players throughout the world and is definitely something you don’t want to miss. A date to the tennis championships with a high class escort will definitely be both romantic and exciting; with strawberries and cream, celebrities abundant and sunny skies, this will be an event that you don’t want to miss.

BBC Proms

This year at The Royal Albert Hall the BBC Proms will be featuring more than 90 concerts throughout the space of eight weeks! Once you purchase a ticket you cannot resell it so make sure that you’re definitely able to go! If you are this could be a wonderful event to take a high class companion.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

If you’re a petrol-head and love the sound of a gorgeous engine, top F1 drivers and incredible cars then this is definitely the event for you. This is a high society event well known for the appearance of lots of high profile figures and top end cars, so what better place to bring a companion?

Decanter World Award Wines

If you think of yourself as somewhat a sommelier (wine steward) then why not taste some of the world’s most incredible wines at Decanter this year where you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds. This event is popular amongst the high class population due to the sophisticated connotations attached with wine, so why not see how good you and your companions taste is this summer?

Masterpiece London

Now I think I just saved the best until last, this event showcases some of the most incredible pieces of art from around the globe. Tens of thousands of people will visit every year and this gallery includes a great mixture of art, antiques and design from the past 5000 years! This truly is one of the most glamorous art fairs available. Here visitors are able to buy from of the best art pieces created by the hand of man and in such, makes for a wonderful visit for any high class gentleman with a gorgeous and sophisticated high class escort.

Booking an Elite London Escort

Regardless of what you choose to do this year or where you choose to visit whilst romanticising your high class escort, it will be imperative that you bring along the right companion. When booking a high class companion it can be difficult to find a great agency, personally I’d suggest Deluxe VIP Models ( as this agency is both reputable and boasts high reviews frequently. The girls at this agency are first class and their services are exceptional. Very rarely am I able to say that an agency to this standard recruits the best escorts London has to offer but today I can, because it’s so true. These girls are elegant, highly educated, sophisticated and absolutely gorgeous which ensures that you’ll be in good company no matter where you go.

Top 5 cities most visited

In our days travelling to other countries to meet and engaged with other cultures is something very common and with the advance of aviation you can just about go to anywhere in the world and with that in mind we will tell your some of the most desirable cites that in general receive the major number of visitors and why.


5- Istanbul, Turkeystock_photo_112485607_(2)
Istanbul is one of the European cities with the most multi-cultural populations and the links between Europe and the Middle East, being a city in such particular location can get visitors coming from both continents Asia and Europe and that makes a city with many landmarks and places to be visited.



dubai-overview-1400x788-14- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai makes to fourth and newest city in our list, here is a city that grown in the desert to be one of the major touristic points in the country, Dubai counts with some great landmarks like the tallest building in the world, one of the most expensive hotels in the world, artificial islands, the biggest shopping centre in the world and also one of the most expensive cities in the world.


3- Paris, France6946220-3x2-940x627
Paris the city of love this is a must city that you have to visit in your lifetime, the city that have seen the best of royalty, and now got the grandiose Eiffel Tower as the main landmark, also the Notre Dame Cathedral where so many children stories come from and never forget was in this streets where D’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers had their adventures.


bangkok2- Bangkok, Thailand
A distant city deep in the far cost of Asia Bangkok is known as “Sin City of Asia” for their extravagant holidays, cheap economy and great shemale. But Bangkok also has major landmarks to visit like Wat Phra Kaew which is a Buddhist temple and the grand palace and the floating market.


1-London, EnglandLondon_Montage_L
The city of the queen ranks in the top of the most visited cities in the world, well known for the land of the majesty the queen, 007 and Sherlock Holmes, this city is full of land marks and well known places that we see every day on TV, but a very important city in our modern global society.




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How To Prepare for Your Booking With Demoiselle London

London is a great place to book your first escort, with a wealth of amazing hotels and restaurants that can help improve your evening with the right choice, as well as the largest selection of different escorts in the UK. There are certainly countless reasons why you might want to book an escort in 1452611649_staff_692_56951841d9bb5London, you might have a corporate event coming up that you want company to, you might just want the company of a stunning escort for the evening to help you really get the most out of your visit to London. This is why in this article, I will be going over some tips on making your first booking with one of the many available high class London escorts from Demoiselle London a booking to remember.

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Another small thing is to make sure you’re punctual and that you’ve taken great care into your appearance. These might seem like common sense, but it can be tricky to manage your time properly to accommodate these important factors without having them at the forefront of your mind. You should also be prepared to hand over the money in cash within the first 10 minutes of your booking, as this is the standard procedure for an escort booking, which will save any embarrassment of your choice of companion having to ask you directly for the money.

Best locations to visit with a Casino London Models escort

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Stop Stereotyping Escorts

When it comes to escorting there seems to be a stigma that all the girls who work in this field are just sluts and love taking dick in every orifice. Well you may be right about a small percentage of the girls in  this field but in fact many of the girls working as escorts do it because it helps to pay the bills. It probably comes to no surprise but this is a good paying job and can leave you financially sound for many years so don’t assume we do it cause we like sex (it is a bonus of the job thought).

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My last point is why should you be bothered what someone does for a living. In my eyes as long as they are not hurting anyone then they can do whatever they want.

The Magical City of London

London is a truly magical city, perfect for those who love to explore thanks to the depths of diversity that it can offer to the trained eye. With a history dating back to the Roman ages and potentially even earlier than this, which can be speculated by the knowledge that Britain was populated by humanity way before the romans got here thanks to the existence of wondrous monuments such as Stonehenge. London is definitely the capital of England for a reason beyond its excellent location on the River Thames which has historically made it an excellent place for trade. If you are interested in history then you will really struggle to find a more interesting city than our own capital.

Londons History…Sort of

As you make your way through the ages you will notice the clear signs of development into the city that it is today remaining, as blatant as could be, yet ignored by the minds of those who lack understanding of the sheer significance. The Roman walls of Londinium still stand to this day, and can be quite clearly observed with a little research into their exact location. This is not the only remnant of Roman London however, as you can also see the foundations of the Temple of Mithras, or the London Mithraeum which was discovered during the 1950’s.

A History of Londons People and Places

Moving further forward in time we have the world famous St Paul’s Cathedral which has stood for hundreds of years as one of the dominant sights on the London skyline, a true accomplishment for the times, being a building which still to this day helps signify the British national identity. To finish your journey, why not pop into Ye Olde Mitre for a drink in the company of one of the lovely Close up photo of Tanialadies from London Seduction Girls, this is a pub speculated to have been right next door to the location of one of Henry VII’s weddings and in fact it is reported that his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, enjoyed dancing around the iconic cherry tree that stands outside this pub in her childhood.

The Most Relaxing Hotels for Your Stay in London

If you’re visiting London there are many things you need to consider, London is a very big place which can make life difficult if you haven’t thought out your trip. This is why you need to do your research before travelling so that you can know exactly what you want to do and exactly where you want to go. In this article I will be making it my goal to save you time and effort on this process by giving you some details onto excellent hotels available for your accommodation in London. This is a very important factor in any stay as your hotel will be the central hub for your London adventure and it is needless to say that this is an integral part of your trip.

Hotel 41

For those of you who enjoy a bit of luxury, there are few better hotels to suit your needs than Hotel 41, this hotel is located just across the road from Buckingham Palace. This classy hotel is perfect for a booking with a tantric masseuse from somewhere such as Bliss Tantric. This hotel is a great place to stay thanks to the spacious and well decorated rooms, as well as the fine meals they prepare for customers, so it is an all-round great hotel.

Park Grand Hotel


You will struggle to find a hotel in London which offers better value for money than at the Park Grand hotel, which is the perfect place for those who are just looking for a simple, cost effective stay. There is also a nice bonus in that this hotel is located right next to one of the tube stations that London has to offer. This is why this hotel is a great choice for those who love to travel.


MASCHERONI-Hotel-shangri-la-copiaIf you’re a newcomer to London then you should definitely make one of the upper floor rooms at Shangri-La your choice of hotel. These rooms have a better view of London than can be seen from the London eye which can really make it easy to plan out where you want to go. This makes your life infinitely easier since you can visually see the key landmarks that you wish to visit.

Companion Concierge Of London

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