Top 5 Tips for a Successful First Escort Booking in Nottingham

There are many great escort agencies around Nottingham and the market is quickly becoming more and more popular with many new escort agencies popping up all over the place. This means that there are many more newcomers to the escorting industry around the Nottingham area, which is why I have decided to compose this list of tips in order to make sure that your first escort booking runs smoothly, avoiding complete disaster.

1: Plan Location Beforehand

This is something many newcomers might not think is all that important, but the right location can really make or break your evening, if you decide to choose the cheapest hotel or a random restaurant that turns out to serve under-cooked food leading to you leaving your escort with food poisoning, this obviously isn’t going to go down well. So choose a reputable hotel such as the St James Hotel, or if you’re making a dinner date booking, choose one of Nottingham’s many classy restaurants such as La Rock Restaurant, which is a great place for you to enjoy some of the more exquisite British cuisine.

2: Book from a reputable agency1453222893_staff_535_569e6beddd92e_tn

This again might be something that is overlooked by newcomers to the escort industry, but there are some agencies which use fake or overly photoshopped images of their escorts which can obviously become a massive problem when the girl you thought would be stunning from her onsite photographs turns up at your hotel room and looks absolutely nothing like she was advertised to. The best way to avoid this kind of problem is simply to book from reputable agencies such as regal escorts, so that you can feel confident that you are getting exactly what you expected.

3: Be clean and presentable

This should be an obvious point, however many escort forums have threads in which escorts are complaining about the lack of hygiene their clients present themselves with. Now what could be more embarrassing than turning up to your booking to be told to go shave and get a shower by your chosen escort? The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you’ve showered, shaved and really put in the effort to be clean, well presentable and smelling great. Dust off that old suit, get out your aftershave and shower properly to avoid humiliating yourself, this is a must.

4: Be punctual

Nothing is more irritating than being kept waiting, except perhaps when your client turns up way before you’re ready, which is why you should always focus on turning up exactly on time, not early and not late. Obviously there are situations in which being slightly late can’t be avoided, but do your very best to get to the arranged meeting location as close to the arranged time as possible.

5: Treat your escort with respect

Another major thing that you should take into account is that just because you’re paying for the company of your chosen escort doesn’t mean you can treat her however you please. She is still human and still under no obligation to do whatever you say, so treat her as kindly as you would any other girl you were spending time with, be polite and well-mannered and your evening is sure to be a success.

The Best Nottingham Escorts From Golden Girls

There are a few good escort agencies in Nottingham at the minute, but the question you may be asking if you are planning on visiting the city is which is the best? While after a bit of extended research, I think I have come up with the answer, I have take into consideration customer service from the agency, the website as well as the actual girls themselves and my answer is Golden Girls Notts, you can see their website here. As I mentioned before there are many reasons why I concluded this was the best site, but simply put they have some of the most beautiful and sophisticated Nottingham escorts available to book either over the phone or using their online booking form. I have included some photos of the girls below, so you can see how amazing these young ladies are!

Libby 1 Louise 3


You can probably get a feel for the huge variety in the girls that this agency has, so no matter what you like in a women, you are bound to find your perfect escort on golden girls site! However, don’t go thinking that these Nottingham escorts are just a pretty face, because that is not the case at all. I sometime get the impression that people think that escorts are not going to be interesting or funny people, but with these girls that is not the case as they are, intelligent, sophisticated and have a great sense of personality.

So if you are planning on taking one of these gorgeous companions out on a date, would you know were in the city to take them, as there are loads of restaurants and bars however not all of them are all that great! My recommendation and a perfect place to take one of these Nottingham escorts would probably be a place serving traditional Japanese food, called Higoi.