Interesting Facts About Nottingham

Nottingham is a great place to be, a well-known city, most because of the famous story of the Robin Hood, but is also home for one of the most prestigious universities in England, especially between the Erasmus students. However, in this blog, we will bring you some of the best and most interesting facts about Nottingham. As you expect Nottinghamshire in which is the county where Nottingham is situated, is full of historic places and locations in which is connected to Robin Hood story.

So in Laxton, which is a village in Nottingham the medieval type of farming with open fields and, yes, very organic products.

One of the Europe biggest antique markets is situated near the town of Newark in Nottinghamshire County.

Nottingham is also a very important city in England and UK, in which is even recognize by the parliament has one of the eight core cities.

In 1900s Nottingham was the world leading producer of lace, one-third of the world lace was made in Nottingham.

Nottingham was also blessed in engineering ideas where a man called Thomas Hawksley from the Nottingham waterworks company has developed a high-pressure water supply.

Here is Nottingham some big companies that now are well known in uk and some overseas like Boots, HP, they had their roots in Nottingham.

So Nottingham is a place that you can have loads of fun, from places to visit to activities, that you can do, here in Nottingham is the place that you might which to visit, so regal escorts, which is an entertainment agency also wants to bring to this beautiful city the best entertainment for your evenings, with a very restricted selection of amazing ladies you can meet, they hope to add great moments to you free and entertaining time in with great Nottingham models.


Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, certainly I is the largest and the busiest in United Kingdom, this airport is also the primary airport and home of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, 2 huge companies that operate from Heathrow. In 2015 the airport has a massive record of people passing by with a huge total of 75 million a year and now with more and greater plans to expansion this number can increase to what we define as astronomic number for an airport.

imagesHeathrow airport is a unique airport with 2 runways, 5 terminals and 3 underground stations, all this together makes into one of the biggest airport in Europe but not always were like that.

The history of Heathrow starts in 1929 in which was a small airfield known by the name of greater west aerodrome, then in 1944 in the second world war this airfield was developed into a long-distance military aircraft bound, after the war finish the government kept developing into a civil airport and it open doors to the public in 1946 with the name London Airport. it was later named as we know today Heathrow Airport in 1966 where was also was made a master plan to make it into  airport.

The terminal one was inaugurate in 1969 now closed but it was part of the original design when Heathrow was created, but now other terminals where open and about 80 airlines companies operate in Heathrow serving more than 185 destination for more than 84 countries all around the world from New York to Dubai and from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, per day this airport sees more than 200.000 people coming and go being the business routes the by far the New York airport JFK and the Dubai.

So when you come to London there is a great chance that you will also enter UK by Heathrow airport and is that’s the case I Like London escorts is the first entertainment agency to be there for you.

The Most Relaxing Hotels for Your Stay in London

If you’re visiting London there are many things you need to consider, London is a very big place which can make life difficult if you haven’t thought out your trip. This is why you need to do your research before travelling so that you can know exactly what you want to do and exactly where you want to go. In this article I will be making it my goal to save you time and effort on this process by giving you some details onto excellent hotels available for your accommodation in London. This is a very important factor in any stay as your hotel will be the central hub for your London adventure and it is needless to say that this is an integral part of your trip.

Hotel 41

For those of you who enjoy a bit of luxury, there are few better hotels to suit your needs than Hotel 41, this hotel is located just across the road from Buckingham Palace. This classy hotel is perfect for a booking with a tantric masseuse from somewhere such as Bliss Tantric. This hotel is a great place to stay thanks to the spacious and well decorated rooms, as well as the fine meals they prepare for customers, so it is an all-round great hotel.

Park Grand Hotel


You will struggle to find a hotel in London which offers better value for money than at the Park Grand hotel, which is the perfect place for those who are just looking for a simple, cost effective stay. There is also a nice bonus in that this hotel is located right next to one of the tube stations that London has to offer. This is why this hotel is a great choice for those who love to travel.


MASCHERONI-Hotel-shangri-la-copiaIf you’re a newcomer to London then you should definitely make one of the upper floor rooms at Shangri-La your choice of hotel. These rooms have a better view of London than can be seen from the London eye which can really make it easy to plan out where you want to go. This makes your life infinitely easier since you can visually see the key landmarks that you wish to visit.

Tips To Feeling Comfortable with Your Partner Getting a Gay Massage

Trusting Your Partner
Trust is important in all relationships, but how much trust should you put in each other in the first place? If the world was perfect, you wouldn’t have to worry about your man being tempted by anyone or if someone gets attracted to your man. But we are not living in a perfect world. Expect emotions, trust and insecurities in your relationship. Men will always have a reason to believe what they perceive or see. And they will certainly think that there might be some development of emotions with time.
One important thing to consider is that masseurs are not escorts and the sensual services they offer are just a healing solution which is similar to the normal massage. They do not have sex with their clients.
It is also essential to choose which type of Male massage London is suitable and comfortable for both of you. But if you feel this will not help much, here are some few tips that might be of help:
1. 1. Choose a Masseur Together
When you choose a gay massage London gate, you will be more open to each other building trust in the process. Pick a guy you both admire, maybe because of his accent, well-kept hair or just his smile.
2. 2. Choose a Masseur Who Offers Therapeutic Massage only
If you are uncomfortable about your man being massaged by a gay masseur, try to research and find a masseur who is strict on his therapeutic massage services.
Find guys who do not prefer full nude massages or tantric massage and work while they are clothed. These are your best chances of securing a fully professional massage.
3. 3. Have The Masseur Come To You
Decide with your partner when to call the masseur to your house and make sure both of you are there. You may incur some extra charges but it’s a good way of handling such a situation. You can keep an eye on your partner while he’s being massaged, but try not to be too strict to avoid making the masseur or your partner uncomfortable. This saves you a lot especially if you had questions on what goes on in a Male massage London.
4. 4. Get a Couple’s Massage
This is one of the best options and for sure a fun way for you to feel comfortable with each other during gay massage. Here you will be able to know how your partner feels, how they react to certain techniques and more important you can bond at such moments.

Best tantric massage in London

So you are looking for the best tantric massage in London well I can help you with that, I recently went to what is possibly the best massage parlor in London. It’s called Minx Massage and they were amazing, they believe in quality over quantity and only have a hand full of masseuses but they are some of the best in all of London. Each one of their girls is trained by their highly experience in house teacher to make sure your get the best Tantric massage ever. Whether you are at a hotel, at home or at one of their many central London locations the make sure that the atmosphere is perfect to give you the best possible experience.

Even though their massages are performed by modern masseuse they are based on the ancient tantric principles of being present in the moment to give you the perfect experience. Each one of their masseuse’s knows how to make sure that the massage you receive is perfect and that you will be begging for them to finish after they have finished teasing you. All you are expected to do is lie back and relax which completely removes all the pressure which comes with normal sexual encounters.

When you are receiving your massage the air is filled with the sounds of relaxing music and the smells of essential oils which can transform any room into the perfect place to relax. When receiving your massage you are completely powerless and must leave everything up to your beautiful naked Goddess and let her take you to the heights of bliss countless times. Each one of the girls are perfect at allowing your levels of pleasure to build slowly as well as making sure you are under control to a point where you cannot control it any more.

If you are interested in booking any of these girls then make sure you head on over to their website by clicking here. Each one of their girls are kept to the highest standards so you should have no problem when booking with this amazing agency.

Monday the 20th of January, is the most depressing day of the year

When you thought that we’d gone through the most depressing day of the year apparently it has now been beaten by today. For some reason researchers have found that today, Monday the 20th of January, is the most depressing day of the year. Personally I woke up in a good mood this morning so I wouldn’t of expected it to be the worst day of the year. Then again you can’t help but feel down on a Monday, the furthest away from the weekend that you can get. How are you battling the Monday morning blues? Why not book an escort with Babestation and forget the worst day of the year with one of our London escorts.

Did you know that January too is known as the most depressing month of the year. It’s weird because January is usually one of those ‘A new year a new start’ months where you try to achieve yourself some personal goals like quitting smoking or saving up. When you think about it though coming back into work after Christmas is a bit of chore. That feeling that you get when you walk back in for the first time isn’t that fun whatsoever.

Did you know that in January the amount of people that leave their jobs and break off with their partners rapidly increases. This is probably due to people starting certain new years resolutions however you can’t help but feel down when things like this happen. Also some people are looking for other companions whilst being with their current one as anonymous dating/ affair website ‘Illicit encounters’ gets a dramatic increase in memberships. I would just book some London escorts from Babestation Escorts.

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Top 5 escort agencies in London

Escort services in London are very popular, that is a fact. So web cloud base has put together a list of the top 5 escort agencies which are currently offering services in this great city. They are so popular Londoners often mention them in films like the latest fast and Furious. where a guy who makes cars for a villain mentions that he did not book an escort service when two beautiful girls approach him for information.  We came to the decision for the top 5 base on some important factors which i am sure you will appreciate have been taken into account as London is such a prestigious place for escorting. They are pretty obvious ones but, very relevant if you are actually considering them as being the best.

The first one is how beautiful the girls are on the website (and in real life). We have inside sources who verify if the girls looks a sexy as they do in real life as to how they are portrayed on the website. If they are not genuine they will not be on this list: its a tough task becasue they are some many beautiful looking girls on website but they tend to be highly photoshopped.

The second reason for why they were picked is becasue of their reputation. The agencies on here will have reviews on their website from happy customers – well the good reviews must massively exceed the bad ones! Not only must they have reviews on the website but you will also be able to find them on other websites across the internet.

Those two reasons are the main criteria but, obviously there is a little more which have to be taken into account. An example of this would be – how unique in the portfolio of escorts or, do they offer something to client that you would not find anywhere else. The one last thing that i would like to mention before we go into the top 5 is: We are open too all types of escort services. This may include Asian escorts, blonde, brunette, Shemale, high class, cheap.

#5 She international



She international have had a long time to build up their reputation – since 2001 in fact. They are the ultimate in escort services across the world serving people who only want supermodel escorts who will travel around the world with them. They also have a London escort gallery which is devoted to giving you the best high class escorts that London to offer. Check it out it is really awesome.

4:  Invasian escorts



A completely new look on escorting. The invasian escorts is an Asian escort agency with the desire to give you only the most bespoke female companionship available. They were set up by the famous escort Aisha who became famous becasue of her amazing services and this is exactly what you are going to see from Invasian escorts. They have a strict policy on how they run the services.

3: Mayfair girls



Mayfair girls are fairly new to the escort industry but, they are run by the owners of previous escort agencies which have been a popular for a long time with clients. This is a site which is offering a new selection of model escorts for VIP’s who would like to see another gallery of girls.

2:  Dior escorts



Dior escorts have been around for a few years now. They are still not the msot popular escort agency in London but, this is not a popularity contest. Dior have one of the largest portfolio of females escorts in the city of Londo which are provided at genuine prices – it is only matter of time before we see this become one of the hottest agencies out there. Its only a matter of time for Dior escorts.

1: London lady boys



This is not your conventional escort agency. London lady boys is the ultimate place in London to book shemale escorts. This may not be your cup of tea but, for many this is their ultimate fantasy. The Londy London lady boys started out from getting no traffic to their website only at the start of the year to being one of the (if not) the most booming services out their right now.


Babestation London Escorts

Babestation Escorts is a premium escort agency in London, although, unlike many of the services in London it is not overpriced and their girls operates in over 40 different locations in and around London. However, although the prices are low, this does not reflect on the quality of service from the agency and it is obvious from my experience with them that they have spent a lot of time recruiting their girls and ensuring that they can offer a discreet yet affordable experience. Because of the low price, don’t think that your time with your companion will be any less meaningful and in fact the girls from babestation far exceeded all of my expectations and did not leave me needing to re-mortgage my house. Below is an image of Simona, one of my favourite girls from Babestation.

Blonde bombshell Simona from Babestation London Escorts


But what if you are wondering what to wear on your date with a cheaper London escort. First of all, just because they are cheaper, does not mean for any reason that you should under dress for this stunning woman. If you are planning on heading out to one of the nicer parts of the city such as Knightsbridge, you may want to consider wearing dark jeans with a smart shirt and perhaps a blazer or leather jacket, to give a smart casual appearance. The girls from Babestation love dressing up in their fineries, so you don’t want to be left not looking the part, with a well dressed modelesque beauty, such as Simona.

But what about, if you are planning on hitting the clubs with your escort, what to wear then? You could still go for the jeans and shirt, however shirts can often show sweat patches really vividly, leaving you with embarrassing sweat patches after leaving a hot club. So because of this I would generally recommend wearing a nice T-shirt, bright colours seem to be in at the minute so you could try that look with perhaps some black jeans skinny jeans, which also seem to be in fashion.


The Best Escorts Outside The UK

People are often sceptical about booking high end escorts outside of the UK, which is renowned for it’s high end escort industry. And in previous blog entries I may have said it is not worth booking an escort outside of  the UK, but after discovering Qatar Escort Agency, a new escort service in Qatar I will have to go back on my word. Qatar Agency  is a brand new agency  and it is very clear from my experience that they have spent considerable amount of time recruiting their girls, so that they can be sure they are offering a truly high class service. However, although they are new, it does not mean that they are in anyway new to the industry, and as their website states they have years of experience, which is evident from the service provided, both from the reception staff as well as the girls. The girls from this agency offer a discreet service, so you can be sure people will never know you are with an escort, if you want to keep it that way.

But what else is there to do in Qatar? Whether you are there on yourself, with friends or with an escort in Qatar it is a great place to visit, with lots of attractions and things to do, whether it is a day trip or weekend break. If you are into your museums then the Discovery Science and History Museum is the place to go,  If Museums don’t quite do it for you then you may think about visiting The Theatre Royal, the grade 1 listed building is not just pretty to look at but has some of the top shows on and a really nice cafe.The front of theatre royal Newcastle

Overpriced goods now a days

The cheaper side of things isn’t as bad as you may think. Just because you’re not going to pay as much, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get good products. In fact some times it can mean the opposite, that’s because some big named brands charge hideous amount, then cut the quality of the products being made so that the income and profit is unheard of. Take any big name fashion manufacturer for example, there has even been cases where some factories have been almost right next to the very same factories that make the rip-off versions of their products. What’s the difference in the design and creation? Nothing. Not even different materials, the only difference is the gross price that’s paid.
What about when you go to a restaurant? In some cases you can’t put a price on a well prepared meal, however in most scenarios you’re paying for someone to cook a meal to the same level of quality that you can. Do you think that Jamie Oliver puts something different in his food when he makes it? It’s not about spending money, that isn’t an issue, it’s about spending the right amount when you are forking out huge amounts. Even when you’re just shopping, your bottled water, cereal, milk, batteries and other tinned good have a price tag on them that they really shouldn’t…. much more items too.
So when you’re going out to buy things, make sure that you’re getting products of a good value that are also not that bad for your pocket. It’s not hard to do so, if you look around you can find great value for money items. From great value clothing brands, to amazing dining areas, you can really find some quality bargains. Check out stores like top man, restaurants like Nandos. Even if you look hard enough you can find great prices for tech, websites are something that cost loads, some companies provide template sites for incredibly good prices. Check out pimp design for example.