Enjoy a day out in Warrington

Warrington is probably not first place you think of when organizing a day out, however the place is full of fun and interesting things to do and explore for people young and old alike.  Warrington is a town in the North West of England which is easy accessible from the M6 which means that if are travelling I recommend that you set off early in the morning as the M6 is notorious for traffic jams which could dampen your spirits. Upon arriving in this deeply historic town your will have a whole range of activities to enjoy.

One of the more popular attractions has to be Gulliver’s world which is a theme park dedicated to a younger audience. Gulliver’s world boats more than 80 rides which claims to be one of the best days out in the UK for kids as it specially caters for families. Over the course of the year there are number of different seasonally themed events which are always fun and well put together. Overall highly recommended attraction.

For those of you who are looking for a relaxed afternoon in the splendor of the Cheshire Countryside Walton Hall & Gardens should not be missed. Located in a picturesque 32 acre plot of land Walton Hall & Gardens is a designed grade 2 listed building which was constructed between 1836 – 38. On its grounds you will find crazy gold facilities a children zoo and a bowls ground.

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