Interesting Facts About Nottingham

Nottingham is a great place to be, a well-known city, most because of the famous story of the Robin Hood, but is also home for one of the most prestigious universities in England, especially between the Erasmus students. However, in this blog, we will bring you some of the best and most interesting facts about Nottingham. As you expect Nottinghamshire in which is the county where Nottingham is situated, is full of historic places and locations in which is connected to Robin Hood story.

So in Laxton, which is a village in Nottingham the medieval type of farming with open fields and, yes, very organic products.

One of the Europe biggest antique markets is situated near the town of Newark in Nottinghamshire County.

Nottingham is also a very important city in England and UK, in which is even recognize by the parliament has one of the eight core cities.

In 1900s Nottingham was the world leading producer of lace, one-third of the world lace was made in Nottingham.

Nottingham was also blessed in engineering ideas where a man called Thomas Hawksley from the Nottingham waterworks company has developed a high-pressure water supply.

Here is Nottingham some big companies that now are well known in uk and some overseas like Boots, HP, they had their roots in Nottingham.

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