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Angel’s Escorts NYC

Angel’s Escorts NYC are a simple, professional and easy to use service that allows you to connect with beautiful girls in the New York City area. We ensure that our clients have a fantastic time and our high class girls keep you coming back for more. If this sounds exciting, why not read on to find out what’s in store for you?

Whether you’re a New York citizen or visiting for the day, make sure to visit Angel’s where you will surely find the girl of your dreams. Our escorts are fun, interesting and captivating to say the least. Here at High Society Escorts we pride ourselves in keeping our escorts safe and our clients satisfied which is why it’s now easier than ever to book an appointment and stay in touch with our team. At our agency we realise that  it’s important to feel a connection with your date, which is why we only recruit the best girls to keep you on you enticed and captivated.

If you’re looking for something to do with one of our escorts or just want a taste of New York City, try one of the following and you’ll be sure to have a great time!


Whether you’re a foodie or just love food we have a great selection of restaurants that serve food almost as beautiful and diverse as our high class escorts. No matter what your budget, we have some options for you.

Lincoln Square Steak

Great reviews, fantastic service, a wonderful atmosphere and best of all… steak!

If you’re looking for a meaty treat with one of our girls then why not try Lincoln Square Steak located on 70th st. New York where they provide a menu that is sure to blow any meat lover’s mind.

Los Tacos No.1

Fun, Fresh, Tasty and Authentic- New York’s best Taco restaurant. Reviews such as “Soo.. Delicious” and “Best Tacos in NY” barely scratch the surface of how great the food is here. If you’re looking for a fun dinner date, visit Los Tacos No. 1 located on 9th Ave New York.


If you’re a vegetarian but getting bored of the same old food, or want to spice things up with one of our girls; try out some authentic Korean food at Hangawi. Great reviews, outstanding food and fantastic service definitely makes this place worth the visit for any vegetarian or foodie. If you’ve never tried Korean food, you’re in for a surprise as this place offers some of the highest quality Korean food available in New York. If you’re interested in a visit here, try 32nd st. New York where you’re sure to have a brilliant evening accompanied by one of our stunning escorts.

No matter what you choose to do, we guarantee that you’ll have a red-hot night with one of our high class escorts that you won’t forget! Prepare to be seduced, our girls are waiting for you to get in touch.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful First Escort Booking in Nottingham

There are many great escort agencies around Nottingham and the market is quickly becoming more and more popular with many new escort agencies popping up all over the place. This means that there are many more newcomers to the escorting industry around the Nottingham area, which is why I have decided to compose this list of tips in order to make sure that your first escort booking runs smoothly, avoiding complete disaster.

1: Plan Location Beforehand

This is something many newcomers might not think is all that important, but the right location can really make or break your evening, if you decide to choose the cheapest hotel or a random restaurant that turns out to serve under-cooked food leading to you leaving your escort with food poisoning, this obviously isn’t going to go down well. So choose a reputable hotel such as the St James Hotel, or if you’re making a dinner date booking, choose one of Nottingham’s many classy restaurants such as La Rock Restaurant, which is a great place for you to enjoy some of the more exquisite British cuisine.

2: Book from a reputable agency1453222893_staff_535_569e6beddd92e_tn

This again might be something that is overlooked by newcomers to the escort industry, but there are some agencies which use fake or overly photoshopped images of their escorts which can obviously become a massive problem when the girl you thought would be stunning from her onsite photographs turns up at your hotel room and looks absolutely nothing like she was advertised to. The best way to avoid this kind of problem is simply to book from reputable agencies such as regal escorts, so that you can feel confident that you are getting exactly what you expected.

3: Be clean and presentable

This should be an obvious point, however many escort forums have threads in which escorts are complaining about the lack of hygiene their clients present themselves with. Now what could be more embarrassing than turning up to your booking to be told to go shave and get a shower by your chosen escort? The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you’ve showered, shaved and really put in the effort to be clean, well presentable and smelling great. Dust off that old suit, get out your aftershave and shower properly to avoid humiliating yourself, this is a must.

4: Be punctual

Nothing is more irritating than being kept waiting, except perhaps when your client turns up way before you’re ready, which is why you should always focus on turning up exactly on time, not early and not late. Obviously there are situations in which being slightly late can’t be avoided, but do your very best to get to the arranged meeting location as close to the arranged time as possible.

5: Treat your escort with respect

Another major thing that you should take into account is that just because you’re paying for the company of your chosen escort doesn’t mean you can treat her however you please. She is still human and still under no obligation to do whatever you say, so treat her as kindly as you would any other girl you were spending time with, be polite and well-mannered and your evening is sure to be a success.

Top 5 cities most visited

In our days travelling to other countries to meet and engaged with other cultures is something very common and with the advance of aviation you can just about go to anywhere in the world and with that in mind we will tell your some of the most desirable cites that in general receive the major number of visitors and why.


5- Istanbul, Turkeystock_photo_112485607_(2)
Istanbul is one of the European cities with the most multi-cultural populations and the links between Europe and the Middle East, being a city in such particular location can get visitors coming from both continents Asia and Europe and that makes a city with many landmarks and places to be visited.



dubai-overview-1400x788-14- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai makes to fourth and newest city in our list, here is a city that grown in the desert to be one of the major touristic points in the country, Dubai counts with some great landmarks like the tallest building in the world, one of the most expensive hotels in the world, artificial islands, the biggest shopping centre in the world and also one of the most expensive cities in the world.


3- Paris, France6946220-3x2-940x627
Paris the city of love this is a must city that you have to visit in your lifetime, the city that have seen the best of royalty, and now got the grandiose Eiffel Tower as the main landmark, also the Notre Dame Cathedral where so many children stories come from and never forget was in this streets where D’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers had their adventures.


bangkok2- Bangkok, Thailand
A distant city deep in the far cost of Asia Bangkok is known as “Sin City of Asia” for their extravagant holidays, cheap economy and great shemale. But Bangkok also has major landmarks to visit like Wat Phra Kaew which is a Buddhist temple and the grand palace and the floating market.


1-London, EnglandLondon_Montage_L
The city of the queen ranks in the top of the most visited cities in the world, well known for the land of the majesty the queen, 007 and Sherlock Holmes, this city is full of land marks and well known places that we see every day on TV, but a very important city in our modern global society.




Why Are People In Manchester So Fond Of Companionship

When you come to a city like Manchester for companionship you can guarantee when you go to an agency as trustworthy and respected as Candy Shop Escorts the service you will be provided with is the best around to say the least. But the real question is why do the people of Manchester choose companionship so frequently? Well one of the simple answers to this question is that the escorts that some of the agencies in Manchester provide are without doubt some of the most beautiful women in the city so people book these women to simply enjoy the company of a woman they would never have a chance with without agencies Candy Shop Escorts.


Another reason that this industry keeps growing in Manchester and shows no signs of slowing down is that some people like the idea of no strings attached, they don’t have to worry about someone all the time they just book one of these Manchester escorts whenever they feel in the need of companionship. Not everyone just sees the beauty of these escorts as the most enticing thing about them, when booking a high class Manchester escort the sophistication that each of them possess is unbelievable. These women are some of the classiest in the city and some people genuinely just enjoying the company of a sophisticated woman for the night.


A more rare occurrence as to why people book escorts is that they have just exited a long lasting relationship which they have been hurt in, when this happens it is a simple way to keep the company of women in your life even if you have no intention of being in another relationship which refers back to the no strings attached point. No matter what the reason you book companionship for there is no doubt that the company of the beautiful Manchester escorts is something special to say the least.

Make your booking with a high class companion in London

Have you been looking to book yourself an evening with a high class London escort? Well booking with Playboy Escorts is exactly what you will get all of the companions at Playboy have been carefully picked because they provide a service like no other escort agency. Since Playboy started operating in London it has worked hard to provide a booking service like no other they have done this by working with only the best escorts in the area. When you are booking in with Playboy you have to follow a few things to make sure that the booking described is what you will get.

Evaluate all your options

At Playboy escorts like many escort agencies in London they have a number of escorts advertised on there site so picking the perfect escort for you is important. Each escort offers something different so depending on what you are looking for you are going to need to check each companion so you know you are getting the best possible booking experience. To help you narrow down your options playboy has added a type category which helps you narrow down a number of options including high class, busty, Latin and much more.

Pick the perfect booking option for you

Each escort has a number of booking options available to you. This can span from a 15 minute quickie all the way to a 24 hour booking. Depending on what you are looking for you will chose a different option which will determine your booking. If you are looking to just spend some time with a London escort then a 15 minute to a 2 hour booking is perfect as it gives you plenty of time to take care of business while still giving you some time to talk to your companion. Make sure to really evaluate all of your options before making your booking with your London escort.

Marbella´s Cream

As a long-term visitor and occasional resident of Marbella, it´s been interesting to watch the vibe of the place change over the years. From what used to be thought of its hey-day at the peak of the 1980s “Costa Del Crime” boom, when gangsters from all over Europe flocked to Marbella with their followers to enjoy the difficult or non existent extradition laws, to today’s jet-set scene, Marbella has continued to change at a rate unmatched pretty much elsewhere.

The Business (film)
The Business (film)

Marbella today is an interesting mix of the seedy and the glamorous; though for many people the two seem to intersect in their perceptions. There is clearly a presence of international crime (both organised and amazingly un-organised!) which is highly visible despite increased international police cooperation. But there is also a burgeoning genuinely high-end sector to the area, which is becoming very significant.

Wherever you go in Marbella, the increasing number of visitors from North America and Asia is obvious. The investment and high-end development that was driven by Arabian and drug money in the 1980s is now being driven by these new visitors. And their presence is forcing the local business community to change to keep up with them.

Visitors from North America, as a simple example, will not be happy with the very dodgy “steak” that some restaurants have been offering. So the lower end restaurants are having to specialise or lift their standards to match those of places such as Tango in Puerto Banus.

In the same way, the old-fashioned Sleek nightclub has been replaced by the Cavalli Club. Though the Olivia Valere club still carries on as always!

In a very different example; escort agencies who work solely with bland young girls who have no English and do not accept dollars or credit cards are going to have a very hard time competing with the likes of 2nd Circle Escort Marbella or Marbella Beauties. Those escort agencies offer stunning high-class escorts from a range of nationalities with varied language skills. And as professional businesses they can always work with many methods of payment.

The same is as true with car services, hotels, beach clubs and bars as it is with

So Marbella is changing again. Hopefully for the better, as it normally has been despite some major bumps along the way!

A Bepsoke Tantric Massage Experience

Tantric massage is a form of relaxation that is not only growing in popularity but it seems to be nearly common practice across London now. In a very short space of time this ancient part of Tantra seems to have moved in to the mainstream and the few agencies that original offered the service are now amongst a sea of many vying to be the industries best. Tantric massage can come in many forms and there are many subdivisions within the art but it seems as though each new agency is trying to provide clients with a new slant on what is traditionally a massage to sensual arouse the client and help to release pent up stress.

Bespoke Tantric Massage London is a massage agency that aims to offer one of the more high end services. It is not enough for this agency that you get an experience to remember, they want the whole booking to be tailored to your needs and desires. Choose your favourite elements of Tantric Massage and you can build your own experience with some of the hottest masseuses in the London area. When you contact the reception staff for the first time you will be asked about preferences and how you would like the massage to be performed. This helps the staff to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Bespoke Tantric is one of just many agencies offering the Tantric massage services in London but they are very quickly forging a reputation for providing a service that not many others can rival. From the first moment to the last you will truly feel that every seductive touch of the masseuse is tailored to your exact desires so do not hesitate and book your time now with one of the best masseuses in London. They are eagerly awaiting your call and it could very well be the best decision that you ever make.

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, certainly I is the largest and the busiest in United Kingdom, this airport is also the primary airport and home of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, 2 huge companies that operate from Heathrow. In 2015 the airport has a massive record of people passing by with a huge total of 75 million a year and now with more and greater plans to expansion this number can increase to what we define as astronomic number for an airport.

imagesHeathrow airport is a unique airport with 2 runways, 5 terminals and 3 underground stations, all this together makes into one of the biggest airport in Europe but not always were like that.

The history of Heathrow starts in 1929 in which was a small airfield known by the name of greater west aerodrome, then in 1944 in the second world war this airfield was developed into a long-distance military aircraft bound, after the war finish the government kept developing into a civil airport and it open doors to the public in 1946 with the name London Airport. it was later named as we know today Heathrow Airport in 1966 where was also was made a master plan to make it into  airport.

The terminal one was inaugurate in 1969 now closed but it was part of the original design when Heathrow was created, but now other terminals where open and about 80 airlines companies operate in Heathrow serving more than 185 destination for more than 84 countries all around the world from New York to Dubai and from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, per day this airport sees more than 200.000 people coming and go being the business routes the by far the New York airport JFK and the Dubai.

So when you come to London there is a great chance that you will also enter UK by Heathrow airport and is that’s the case I Like London escorts is the first entertainment agency to be there for you.

Massages For Runners

Throughout London there are many beautiful places to run as well as avid fitness fanatics and marathoners to fill them. Be that a picturesque route along the Serpentine in Hyde Park or treading the concrete slabs of the popular South Bank with its wide open view of the city and river Thames. London will never be short of runners like you willing to push themselves harder every day to manage stress, maintain personal fitness, discipline themselves and make great personal time!

With the popular yearly London Marathon taking place on 26 April, 2016, many of your dedicated sports people may be testing your mettle for the first time. Alongside your rigorous training you well know maintaining a strong routine of stretching and relaxation will greatly improve your performance and well-being. Many first time Marathoners are put off for life by failing to prepare adequately for their race. Tense muscles and strains, fatigue and lack of motivation are amongst the problems many face. Our beautiful girls at Sanctum Tantric are well equipped to elevate these pressures, as well as a provide a sensual comforting environment to have your pumped body worshipped by willing hands.

The benefits of massage for runners cannot be underestimated. Elite runners worldwide swear by the benefits of a good masseuse and we must admit a rub down by a pair of beautiful hands, allowing good vibrations to penetrate deeply into your aching muscles cannot be beaten! The possibility of ultimate release after a race is the only thing that could make this experience more divine an experience. And this is exactly the pleasure our girls offer!

Your dedication and persevere as a runner deserves this ultimate reward. So why not call or email Sanctum Tantric today? You may want to start by perusing our website to find the experience that best suits you, or we can advise. We will match you with the perfect girl to meet your tired bodies needs to provide and exhilarating, relaxing and rewarding experience that every runner should know.


How To Prepare for Your Booking With Demoiselle London

London is a great place to book your first escort, with a wealth of amazing hotels and restaurants that can help improve your evening with the right choice, as well as the largest selection of different escorts in the UK. There are certainly countless reasons why you might want to book an escort in 1452611649_staff_692_56951841d9bb5London, you might have a corporate event coming up that you want company to, you might just want the company of a stunning escort for the evening to help you really get the most out of your visit to London. This is why in this article, I will be going over some tips on making your first booking with one of the many available high class London escorts from Demoiselle London a booking to remember.

London is a big place, so it is best to narrow it down a little to begin with, for example, make sure to book a Kensington escort if you’ve booked at a hotel in Kensington, such as the Kensington Park Grand, which I would highly recommend for your first evening as the rooms are both spacious and luxurious, which really helps to settle the nerves in my experience. This way you can help yourself break the ice in style in a great room which makes all the difference on that crucial first booking, which will help you decide whether escorting is a hobby for you.

Another small thing is to make sure you’re punctual and that you’ve taken great care into your appearance. These might seem like common sense, but it can be tricky to manage your time properly to accommodate these important factors without having them at the forefront of your mind. You should also be prepared to hand over the money in cash within the first 10 minutes of your booking, as this is the standard procedure for an escort booking, which will save any embarrassment of your choice of companion having to ask you directly for the money.