Top 5 London Escort Agencies

London city, an exceptional place for London Escorts on a night out. The great city is such a large place with so much to offer and it can prove difficult with all the options to choose from, the purpose of this article is to locate and pinpoint the Top Escort Agencies in London and highlight their best features for adult entertainment and give you a definitive guide for when it comes too booking escorts.

Eros Escorts:

This agency is very new to the industry and they are only just getting their feet on the ground but surprisingly it has caught the eye of many and getting a lot of attention from the punters! Eros Escorts has a wild selection of young, sexy and busty ladies for your personal and discreet entertainment with ladies from all over the globe so there is plenty of choice when it comes to picking out that perfect lady to spend a night with, you can get in contact with the agency either by email or ringing 07393833382

Movida Escorts:


Movida Escorts features many services making it a perfect choice for adult entertainment in the London nightlife, they advertise that they display no fake images on their site ensuring visitors that you won’t be disappointed in your choice of London Escort. Their main feature is they offer a duo service and they display this very well on their site, catering to a niche that may not be fully filled. All their London escort profiles contain many different images of the escorts making sure the customer know who they’re booking and they also display all the important information such as their location and rates furthering customer satisfaction.

AJ London Escorts:


AJ London Escorts is a great choice of agency for all your adult needs, their services offer a wide range of London escorts aimed at suiting anyone’s particular preference when it comes to escorts. The website features many different categories allowing visitors to browse through all the different type of London escorts with ease, their site also contains an ‘Available Girls’ section showing to visitors who is available preventing any confusion with booking an appointment. Their reviews, news section and blog allows transparency for their visitor to see exactly what is going on at the agency, making this one of the best escort agencies in London.

Crush Escorts:

Crush Escorts, ranked as the number two agency on Google for the key term “London escorts”.  They have a very prestigious reputation of providing the city with a variety of London Escorts will definitely make a great contribution to your night out of adult entertainment. Their main feature is to offer the most varying and unique London escorts across London such as blondes, brunettes, busty and mature escorts making your experience a dream come true and they also cater to clientele in and around the city. They also have a primary focus on bringing the best services in London to your gents and we can assure you this agency is professional, discreet and genuine.

Supreme Angels:

Supreme Angels, showcasing one of the UK’s largest selection of elite escorts is one of the most famous London escort agencies around. They offer a wide assortment of ladies across the capital and it is estimated at over 150 Escorts, they feature a Top London Escort category allowing visitors to see the best of what they can offer also they feature a search by price section for the customers on a budget. For the most valued clients they offer a VIP membership giving them special benefits such as access to exclusive VIP images and videos of the escorts, notifications of new updates of the escorts and special VIP offers on their website and with their partner websites and venues across the city of London making this agency a very important place for adult entertainment.

Top 5 escort agencies in London

Escort services in London are very popular, that is a fact. So web cloud base has put together a list of the top 5 escort agencies which are currently offering services in this great city. They are so popular Londoners often mention them in films like the latest fast and Furious. where a guy who makes cars for a villain mentions that he did not book an escort service when two beautiful girls approach him for information.  We came to the decision for the top 5 base on some important factors which i am sure you will appreciate have been taken into account as London is such a prestigious place for escorting. They are pretty obvious ones but, very relevant if you are actually considering them as being the best.

The first one is how beautiful the girls are on the website (and in real life). We have inside sources who verify if the girls looks a sexy as they do in real life as to how they are portrayed on the website. If they are not genuine they will not be on this list: its a tough task becasue they are some many beautiful looking girls on website but they tend to be highly photoshopped.

The second reason for why they were picked is becasue of their reputation. The agencies on here will have reviews on their website from happy customers – well the good reviews must massively exceed the bad ones! Not only must they have reviews on the website but you will also be able to find them on other websites across the internet.

Those two reasons are the main criteria but, obviously there is a little more which have to be taken into account. An example of this would be – how unique in the portfolio of escorts or, do they offer something to client that you would not find anywhere else. The one last thing that i would like to mention before we go into the top 5 is: We are open too all types of escort services. This may include Asian escorts, blonde, brunette, Shemale, high class, cheap.

#5 She international



She international have had a long time to build up their reputation – since 2001 in fact. They are the ultimate in escort services across the world serving people who only want supermodel escorts who will travel around the world with them. They also have a London escort gallery which is devoted to giving you the best high class escorts that London to offer. Check it out it is really awesome.

4:  Invasian escorts



A completely new look on escorting. The invasian escorts is an Asian escort agency with the desire to give you only the most bespoke female companionship available. They were set up by the famous escort Aisha who became famous becasue of her amazing services and this is exactly what you are going to see from Invasian escorts. They have a strict policy on how they run the services.

3: Mayfair girls



Mayfair girls are fairly new to the escort industry but, they are run by the owners of previous escort agencies which have been a popular for a long time with clients. This is a site which is offering a new selection of model escorts for VIP’s who would like to see another gallery of girls.

2:  Dior escorts



Dior escorts have been around for a few years now. They are still not the msot popular escort agency in London but, this is not a popularity contest. Dior have one of the largest portfolio of females escorts in the city of Londo which are provided at genuine prices – it is only matter of time before we see this become one of the hottest agencies out there. Its only a matter of time for Dior escorts.

1: London lady boys



This is not your conventional escort agency. London lady boys is the ultimate place in London to book shemale escorts. This may not be your cup of tea but, for many this is their ultimate fantasy. The Londy London lady boys started out from getting no traffic to their website only at the start of the year to being one of the (if not) the most booming services out their right now.