Istanbul butterfly

Istanbul Butterfly is a service that provides a high quality of escorts to men to for fill the desire  and dreams of men.We have the most attractive and most beautiful  looking escorts around, to have a night out with them them in the places mentioned above why not book today.

Here is a list of restaurants and bars that you and your escort can enjoy in Istanbul

Susam Cafe

One of Istanbul’s most charming looking cafe.  Has a wonderful buzz on the weekends from the regulars to the office people and  the foreigners even join in to.  A nice mouthwatering cocktail for you and your Istanbul escort to enjoy. Go on in and fill up the atmosphere on the cafe’s hidden street. Outdoor tables under the tress can be the the place for you  to drive the evening away.

Nargilem Cafe

An evening in the summer in Tophane is a must in Istanbul experience. Rather than a bar alone , this street is filled with shisha bars and cafe bars crossing into each other.Backgammon and tutti fruitti scented smoke rings will you and your escort past the hours.Fresh fruits and almonds are sold around your tables. A tempting peanut gimme stick can then raise your bill.

Sultan Cafe

A fun pub which is styled like an american bar  is located across three floors. Hamburgers and alcoholic drinks are served for you to have. Pavement seatings  has a busy atmosphere , but the place to be  for you and your escort is the roof terrace, which has the best views over Hippodrome Galata restaurant and bar Imagine yourself in a world or turkish music. A restraunt  largely dominated by  the locals who  get excited by the footsteps of an outsider. Take in all the joy around you fill your stomach in with delicious food and drink. Then its time to get up for dancing with the locals. An  ideal place for you and your escort to have a laugh and a nice wonderful evening.

To book our escorts and  take them to one of these amazing places then why not contact us today by calling one our reception staff or simply filling one of our booking  forms.