Wash Away your Stress with a Massage In London


Deep within London is a tantric massage agency that provides clients with the most outstanding massage services in England. Posh Tantric offers exceptional services to discerning gentleman and couples within the London area and these masseurs truly are divine. The variety of services they offer are as sensual as they are erotic, and when you are being massaged by one of our stunning tantric masseurs you will forget about everything else and be immersed within your deepest sexual desires.

This London tantric massage agency aims to fulfil clients most erotic fantasies by providing them with a state of complete satisfaction, to do this they offer services such as the Aqua massage, Couples massage, Tantric massage, Nuru massage, Bath ritual, Body to Body and Prostate massage. All of the above services are incredibly enticing and the standard of masseurs that deliver them are very highly skilled and beautiful beyond all measure. When choosing your massage ensure that you think about your desires and personal sexuality, be open to yourself and let yourself be taken away by the exotic services that are available to you.

Image result for tantric massage Image result for tantric massage

Tantric massage offers the perfect combination of relaxation and romance, you will instantly start to develop a high level of intimacy with your beautiful masseur as she touches you, and starts to writhe with her wet body across yours. There is nothing more fun than being so close to such an attractive woman, especially when she starts to wash your body and you are both wet. The benefits of tantric massage are vast and scientifically proven, you are likely to have reduced blood pressure, increased circulation, relief from muscle/joint pain and best of all a heightened sense of well-being and relaxation.

It is easy to get caught up in day to day life and carried away by responsibilities, never giving yourself a break or space to have a breather. It’s important to let yourself relax, physically, emotionally and sexually; this is why a Posh Tantric Massage can be a lifesaver to hard working people, whether your sexuality has been suffering or you’re looking to step it up a notch a tantric massage is what every man needs to let go of that built up stress. These London tantric masseurs use scented oils to really set the atmosphere and when you start to calm down and focus on the beautiful masseur’s fingertips sliding down your body it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment and truly release your inner self.
When looking for a tantric massage in London, no other agency truly has the right balance between the standard of masseurs, the cost of the service and the high-level of intimacy that is developed through the first-class massages that Posh Tantric London provide. This company has a variety of beautiful women to choose from, each of them highly trained, extremely sexy and devoted to your satisfaction. The masseurs at Posh Tantric London will caress both your body and your inner soul to a state of transcending bliss making every moment you spend with them as rewarding as it is enlightening. Your body, mind and soul will feel transformed after an evening with one of these intoxicatingly sensual masseurs and you’ll wish that you could spend each and every moment in their warm embrace.


Of course, if you’re someone who’s already had the amazing chance to experience a tantric massage then why not try one of the many other breathtaking sensual massages Posh Tantric have to offer. Here’s a list of just a handful of the different erotic massages offered by this well-established parlour:

Body to Body

In terms of intimacy, nothing comes close to the sensuality you will experience with one of our masseuses when enjoying a Body to Body massage. This is a massage recommended for those looking to explore their deepest desires. Simply imagine a room beautifully lit with candles placed throughout the room. In the centre, a huge queen sized bed for all the comfort you can ever want, and of course last but not least we have your chosen masseuse; a stunning young babe who presence is simply enough to begin the blissful sensuality of the experience that follows.

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Bath Ritual

Prior to a full massage, you may wish for a little taste to give you an idea of just how special the time you spend with your masseuse is. Our girls like to ensure that you’re completely relaxed with absolutely no tension. This is, in fact, a similar treatment received by the likes of professional athletes prior to a sporting event. With a bath filled sea salts, soap and an assortment of aromatic oils the atmosphere will be filled with an aroma of unmatched relaxation. Once the ritual begins you will quickly start to fill the benefits of a well-trained masseuse as their hands travel all over your body in order to excite your every sense and prepare you for the breathtaking service that follows.

Image result for bath ritual massageImage result for bath ritual massage

Couples Massage

This is great for those of you looking for a different experience with your partner or perhaps for those of you who are looking to reignite the passion that brought you and lover together. With life being stressful for individuals, it may be difficult to find time to enjoy satisfying each other. Couples massages give you the chance to indulge and share a level of enjoyment more than you may ever have before. By sexually exploring each other with one of our therapists as a guide you can leave with the everlasting effect of your sexual conscience being revived.

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All you have to do to book such an experience is simply give us a call today!



London Escorts From Crush Are The Best

I have been booking escorts in London for quite a while now, and one thing that I have come to learn is that the majority of the time you are better off booking from an agency and I have found Crush Escorts London to be the best whose website you can find on this post. Monika is one of my favourite companions in the city, she is more mature than most, which is what I like as you can enter into genuine and interesting conversations with her, something which a lot of companions don’t like to do. I also know that Monika loves to travel and is a great person to go abroad with, to add just that touch of class to your trip, whether it is business or pleasure. I have included some images of Monika, which I have got from her website, below.

As you can see from the images above, Monika is not just intelligent and interesting to talk to, but also extremely attractive and certainly a great taste in fine lingerie. When I last booked Monika it was on a Friday, after a long stressful week in the office and she certainly did a great job of de-stressing me and ensuring I was ready for a good weekend. I find that London escorts tend to give you more of a personal experience, as they usually have a few less, but more important clients, so they spend time to get to know and understand you. At the end of the day these girls rely on their reputation.

During one of our recent encounters, we visited one of the nicest restaurants I have ever been to called The Ledbury, which is a very modern dining experience, with chef Brett Graham at the helm. This is a perfect place to take one of the London escorts, you can find it on 127 Ledbury Road, W11 2AQ.

Top ten most sexy girls 2013

Hello and welcome to web cloud base the place where you will find content you love. I think this is rather appropriate for our first post becasue everyone loves women. Every year people opinions change of how hot a girl is base on their age and how popular she is. There is something about a famous girl that sends her into an astronomical following of male admirers.  from escorts to high class girls every man has his favourite star, so here is the list of the top ten most beautiful girls from this year, maybe they are even better than Asian play girls.

#10 Rihanna

Loved across the world by million of fans becasue of her catchy songs, Rihanna has become an international icon in the last several years. Her Raunchy videos have gained a lot of attention from men which has landed her in the top ten list this year.


#9 Megan Fox

Megan Fox has starred in may hollywood film but, most men know and adore her from hot appearances in magazines such as FHM, Maxim. She is considered a sex symbol around the world. WOW she looked good in transformers

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


#8 Jessica Abla 

Jessica alba always plays the easily influenced yet highly respectable icon in movies.  She got a lot of attention for her fantastic looks in the T.V. series Dark angel wearing sexy leather outfits way back in 2001. every year after that she has just got more and more sexy.



#7 Scarlett Johansson

Probably the hottest female in New York.  A prominent sexy symbol in every film that she has stared in Scarlett just has something about her that every man loves. You have to watch avengers by the way.


#6 Kate Beckinsale

Kate is blessed with a sexy english accent and has an amazing body. She tends to play the “bad ass” chick in a lot of famous movies such as, underworld and Van Helsing for example. She has also played the MILF roles in several movies.



#5 Katie Perry

Katie perry would has not been on many lists for several years becasue she has been a little bit out of the limelight (a part from Dating Russell brand of course). However her 2013 music video for the hit Roar has gained her a solid listing in the top ten most beautiful women.



#4 Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski Gain most of her fame from staring in the popular T.V. series Chuck. She played a secret agent who often wore sexy outfits to wow the crowd. Chuck ended in 2012 but, she still has massive sex appeal and i am sure her next big movie is just around the corner. Keep an eye out.



#3 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer often plays a self sufficient girl with a lot of attitude. She is best know for her appearance in the Hunger games a film in which teenagers from different tribes battle to the death. Many, many jaws dropped when she walked out in that dress.



#2 Mila Kunis

This Russian born babe is a really talented actor who has amazed millions with her almost perfect looks. She probably gained most of her sex appeal from staring the film, Friends with benefits.Mila-Kunis-GQ-Magazine-Photoshoot-2011-7


#1 Kate Upton

Choosing the top stop was no easy decision but, there can only be one. I remember seeing Kate Upton posing on the beach on Youtube and she blew my mind, which i am sure a lot of you out there will agree with.