Yoga Poses for Tantric Massage

There is a wide misconception when it comes to tantric massages from London Tantric. Many people associate them with simple sexual encounters.  And yes, there is a lot of sensuality involved in tantric massages but a reputable place would never offer sexual services to a client. Unbeknown to most, tantric massages are actually a form of meditation that stems from the practice of yoga. This means that the purpose and utmost goal of tantric massages is inner enlighten. The sensual part of it is simply the way the art seeks to take someone merely from the physical plane to the inner one. Sensual yoga is actually still practiced today and doing it in conjunction with tantric massages can deeper your understanding of both arts. If you’re interested in trying one, both or are already a veteran and want to know a few simple exercises to do at home, here is a short list of some anyone with just a bit of fitness prowess can try:

Chair Pose

  1. Stand in Mountain pose: Let your arms rest at your sides, and lift your sternum. Bend your knees as much as you can and squeeze your inner thumbnail (1)thighs together and straighten your arms, lifting them above your head and stretching your fingertips as if pointing up at the sky.
  2. Emphasize the lift in your arms and chest so your upper spine is in a minor backbend. Tuck your pelvis. It is best to hold this pose for, at least, 10 breaths.

Camel Pose

  1. Kneeling, with your body straight, check your position, making sure your knees are right beneath your hips and curling your toes under. Pile your hips on top of your knees, your shoulders atop your hips, and your ears atop your shoulders.
  2. Put the palms of your hands on the small of your back, fingertips turned up. If that is not comfortable, your fingertips can face the floor.
  3. As you inhale, fill your chest and feel your breastbone jaunt, moving your ribcage up and off your waist.
  4. Then continue to lift your upper back up and over an imaginary ball behind you until you begin to reach one hand and then the other toward your heels. You should arrive in your deepest arch only in your upper back when both hands rest comfortably on your heels or props.
  5. Take five full, whole breaths, letting your head drop back; if that stresses your neck, tuck your chin and relax your face muscles.
  6. To come back up, bring both hands to your low back, and on one inhale use your core to lift your body until it is erect. Move into child’s pose for five breaths to counter this backbend.


The Origins of Tantra

Authentic or Tibetan Tantra is a deeply enlightening experience for those who seek a more intimate tantric massage. Some of our beautiful tantric goddesses, including Mia, Maya, Alessia and Renee, are experienced in this ancient philosophy of healing, and practice this form of tantric massage London at Guilty Pleasures.

“Tantra’ means to weave light and sound with form, and some of the techniques employed by our girls involve breathing techniques, sounds and visualizations, to activate, enrich and heal all the energy centres (or chakras) of the body. The aim is to balance mind, body, spirit, and sex through the sensuous touch of a tantric masseuse, to achieve better health, emotional balance, mental clarity, freedom from suffering, and the ultimate in pleasure.

The four pillars of Tibetan Tantra are meditation, movement, connection, and pleasure and practitioners of authentic tantra understand how the five elements make up our life-force and focus on the balance of the Tibetan elemental chakra system. You will find that our girls are perfectly in tune with their sensuality and they know just how to touch you to awaken your sensuality and your deep sexual energy. Once this energy has been aroused, it is controlled by her touch, amplified, and directed throughout your body so that it flows to every part, connecting your sexuality with your heart and soul. All we ask of you is that you relax – an authentic tantric massage is all about being in the moment as you surrender to the expert touch of your masseuse.

Tibetan Tantra approaches pleasure as a medicine and through authentic tantric massage, you are better able to heal, grow, and experience a transformation of consciousness. The experience is deeply relaxing and you will probably discover the capacity to experience more pleasure than you ever thought possible before. You will leave feeling refreshed and energized, and many of our clients report feeling more confident, virile, loving, and more able to control their sexual energy!